How Is A Cell Phone Stealing Kid’s Memory?

how is a cell phone stealing humman or kids memory

Do you know cell phone is causing memory loss in youngsters no time ever before? Do you know why digital amnesia is rising in our society? Mobile devices connected to cyberspace are continuously stealing the kid’s memory.

In the past, people were active, and they had a good memory.  Do you know why? We used to of memorizing things manually on the brain. Since technology has become a massive stakeholder in our lives, people have started using digital devices to take their memory load. Cellphone contacts, friend names, birth dates, and marriage anniversaries, everything we save on mobile.

Technology is doing everything for us, and we are free to make manual efforts to remember things. Human memory has shifted to digital devices, and today we love to have devices with massive rams to store as much as data on phones. Finally, we have put our efforts on the screen; messages, calls, and social media that distract our minds and enable us to have a healthy brain.

Youngsters are more likely to have short-term memory loss because they use digital phones all day long and spend hours on them. It means the excessive use of digital devices can cause remembrance issues among kids.

Digital Amnesia In Kids On The Rise Due To Excessive Use Of Smartphone

digital amnesia in kids on the rise due to excessive use of cellphone

Psychologists over the years are claiming that it is the stress that can decrease memory among human beings. It is not the only reason excessive use of mobile also causes digital amnesia in humans and more likely in kids.

According To The Kaspersky Lab Survey:

In a survey-based on more than 6000 participants and 71% out of them were not able to remember phone numbers, and 81% were unable to know the contact number of children’s school.  The number of respondents said losing digital devices will more likely cause them what they were up to on mobile.

It is the era of the internet of things causing digital amnesia. Our brains are hijacked by digital devices and continuously losing the power to memorize things. Despite that adults, are also using mobile, tablets, and computers. But kids are more likely to rely on technology to save data.

Why Are Kids More Likely To Have Short-Term Memory Loss?

The rise and the rise of kid’s exposure to handsets are affecting the figural memory of adolescents. The study has recently published by the researchers at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute: Figural memory enables humans to make sense of patterns, images, and shapes placed at the right side of the brain.  Young teens that hold digital devices at the right side of the ear likely suffer from memory loss.

Research on more than 700 hundred kids says that young developing minds are more sensitive to phone waves. Mobile device creates a radio-frequency electromagnetic field that can cause memory issues to kids less than 15 years of age. According to the study, young kids obsessed with mobiles are more likely to expose to 858 MJ/kg of radiation per day. Kids spend average time on calls 10.6 minutes.

Cell Phone Calls Lonely Not Causing Digital Amnesia In Kids

Other than calls, they spend hours and hours in text messages. They make conversations, share photos and videos, and even they used to sleep with digital devices. Digital devices, like computers, tablets, and PCs, cause memory loss in kids. As we have said, stress can affect the short memory of human beings. Social media platforms, excessive screen time, messages, and calls are vulnerable to kids’ memory. They are increasing stress, depression, and anxiety in our lives. Young kids are the most distracted community of the 21 century. Young kids are more connected to the internet of things (IoT) than anyone else.

Too many strings attached to the human mind don’t let kids concentrate on a particular activity. So, kids used to forget things compared to their predecessors who had lived without digital devices. In the past, everything worked manually, and we are witnessing that accountants were able to save data in our minds. Today, we willingly store little things in mobile calendars, like contacts, events, and birth dates.

What Is The Link Between Smartphones & Digital Amnesia?

Technophobe parents are unaware of the detrimental effects of the internet of things on kid’s brains.  Distraction enables us to focus, and memory stops its growth. Focusing on handsets and computer devices, like apps and notifications, we cannot learn new things. Therefore, people are unlikely to store data in long-term memory. Phone addiction in kids causes the worst sleeping patterns. The human mind has to have rest to relax the brain. We have to get better sleep for having synaptic pruning. It makes new room for new information by sideline the older one.

The interrupted sleeping patterns don’t allow synaptic pruning, and the ability of the brain to get new information onboard becomes impossible. The excessive screen-time of kids on mobile decreases their IQ; Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London research said that.

Is It Possible To Overcome Digital Amnesia In Kids Due To Cell Phones?

There are practices experts suggest that can overcome memory loss in kids due to the usage of mobiles, the internet, tablets, and computer machines all day long. Read the following mentioned suggestions to prevent short–term memory loss or digital amnesia in youngsters.

  • Parents need to make sure that their kids are not taking digital devices to bed, particularly at night. Teach your kid don’t place digital phones and gadgets out of sight.
  • Make sure that your kids are used to all kinds of notifications, like messages, social networks, mobile updates, and ringtones, and uninstall non-worthy apps.
  • Set a screen-free day for kids at least one time a week. You can spy on mobile and get to whether teens are following the rules.
  • Suppose your child has a mobile addiction and spends hours and hours online, and then employ for cellphone parental control software to watch every activity.
  • You need to make sure kids are not making calls, VoIP calls and don’t spend excessive time on a mobile screen
  • Mobile monitoring would decrease the addiction in kids and you will see your kids will be energetic no time ever before.
  • Track your kid’s device GPS location at night to make sure that they are not taking mobile devices with them while sleeping

The suggestions are expert’s opinion, and TheOneSpy is one of the best child parental control service providers to protect kids from digital amnesia or memory loss. It helps out parents take care of kids from tech addiction. It further monitors excessive screen–time and lets you know how much time kids have spent on the handset.

Is Phone Parental Control Apps Helpful To Fix Kid’s Memory?

Yes, you can fix your memory loss issue among adolescents. You can decrease screen time, calls, social media use, and browsing activity. In a situation like that, you can opt for a cell phone parental monitoring app that keeps you updated about what teens are doing on mobile devices to the fullest. Less time on phones screen, better sleeping patterns, and time spent on playgrounds will improve memory loss and prevent digital amnesia in kids.

Kid’s Phone Monitoring Can Prevent Digital Amnesia:

Parents need to track the digital devices of kids using parental monitoring software. You can install it on your target device and get insight into the kid’s activity. You can manage the screen-time of kids by using live screen recorder software. Further, record lives calls to know how long teens were on the live incoming and outgoing calls. Users can monitor browsing history and social media networks, and many more. It means you can collectively estimate how much time kids are spending on mobile devices.

Parents can set ground rules, and you can keep spying on kids without them knowing. It will help out your kids are following your rules or secretly spending time on digital devices. Parents can block incoming calls, text messages, and the internet to prevent kids from excessive use of mobiles.  Cellphone monitoring enables parents to manage their sleeping patterns and decrease screen–time. Hence, parents can fix kid’s memory and protect them from digital amnesia.


Memory loss issue among kids is on the rise. The excessive use of cellphone can cause adolescents digital amnesia. Before it is too late, you have to make arrangements using the cell phone parental control app. It will do reporting on your behalf and let you know how kids are using mobile devices connected to cyberspace. Don’t let your kid’s cellphone steal their memory anymore with parental monitoring software.

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