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Tumblr Spy App to Secretly Monitor Tumblr Social App

Secretly Monitor Texts and Videos on Tumblr Social App

Tumblr lets you post the stuff you like and join the communities who love that same stuff. You can post photos, videos, songs, text or almost anything you want, and the Tumblr spy app is there to take control of all those things.

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Track Direct Messages and Posts with TOS Tumblr Spy App

TheOneSpy Tumblr monitoring software enables the user to monitor the text messages, photos and videos shared on Tumblr. Almost each and every move taken by the target Tumblr user can be tracked with this software. However, to take advantage of the Tumblr Spy feature, you need to get the target device rooted or jailbroken.

TheOneSpy on Tumblr App Allows the User to:

  • Read direct messages on Tumblr
  • View photos, videos, and GIFs shared on Tumblr
  • Follow URLs posted on wall
  • Track the followers and followings of the target
  • Keep an eye on likes and shares
  • Store Tumblr stuff on online account

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

How to Track Tumblr Chat and Posts On Android OS Via The One Spy Dashboard?

TheOneSpy Login

Get the TheOneSpy an app to spy on tumblr installed on the target device, and log into the TOS dashboard with the username and password provided at the time of registration. You are now able to monitor the whole Tumblr media stuff on the target device right from your TOS online account.

Tumblr Post and Pages

In a new Tab on right side, you can check all the direct messages and chat conversation happened to be on targeted Tumblr account.

Why You Need Spy on Tumblr App?

Almost 61 percent of kids between the ages of 12 to 17 report Tumblr as their favorite social network. Unfortunately, this network welcomes adult-oriented content and there is no concept of privacy. Whatever you post remains public and can be seen by anyone including the person you blocked. TOS Tumblr Spy app can help to monitor whatever your kids post on this platform and get back from this site with an aim to ensure their security.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?