How TheOneSpy Features Can Help with Employee Management

theonespy features help employee management

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, more and more companies have adopted remote working policies. Not to mention, major companies like Mondelez and Barclays are planning on implementing a permanent remote workforce. While this is indeed what’s best for your employees’ health and safety, it leaves you, as a manager or business owner, in a tricky position.

We’ve previously shared here that some employees are taking advantage of this situation — from spending too much time on social media to even outsourcing to other companies. So, how exactly can you manage your employees when they’re working from the comfort of their own homes? Enter spy software.

Why You Should Use Spy Features for Employee Management

Apart from properly keeping tabs on your employees, its features can do a world of good for helping manage your remote team. Let’s take a closer look at the reason why they’re great for employee management.

Helps Them Stay Productive

Like we said, it’s easy for your remote team to slack off when they’re working from home. As their employer, you must make sure that your company’s time and resources aren’t wasted, especially since a recent study found that 40% of the time spent at work is unproductive.

Thankfully, turning to spy software can help them stay focused on their role and responsibilities. From screen recording during their work hours to blocking distracting social media platforms, these spy features can encourage your employees to work to the best of their ability. Plus, they also serve as a powerful reminder to work within their scheduled hours. All in all, spy features will help boost your employees’ productivity, and therefore develop a healthy work routine.

Properly Disconnect from Work

But of course, it’s equally important for your employees to maintain a work-life balance to avoid a dreaded burnout, and ultimately, benefit your company. This is because the Corporate Executive Board reported that employees with a good work-life balance worked 21% harder compared to those who didn’t. To this end, you should deploy spy features for employee monitoring to help them properly disconnect from work.

Case in point: Monitoring their work hours can help you assess if your employees are overworking themselves. Better yet, spy features can let you figure out if there’s a particular task they’re spending too much time on. In this way, you can restructure their workload for a healthier work-life balance.

Keeps Them in Line

Since employees have more freedom with their devices when working remotely, this also makes them vulnerable to encountering legal troubles that could cause serious implications for your company. For instance, utilizing the keystrokes logging feature can help you oversee their conversations, and thus ensure that abusive or hostile online activity isn’t taking place. Monitoring their work activity will prevent them from disclosing your company’s private information. Lastly, spy apps are effective tools for protecting your company’s financial assets by making sure that they stay within the company.

Implementing Spy Features for Your Employees

Given all the management benefits above, the importance of responsible monitoring cannot be overstated. And considering that there are some legal and ethical issues to surveillance that needs to be top-of-mind among managers, they must coordinate with their HR departments to ensure everything goes smoothly. This is why the legal side of managing employees is considered one of the most important topics when studying business.

Human resource degree holders will have been taught the essentials of HR employment law, talent management, labor relations, and performance appraisals. They will also be up-to-date with the latest changing regulations, something that is crucial in this ever-increasing remote workforce. This means that they will be best positioned to correctly guide management in responsibly using TheOneSpy software.

In order to avoid any possible legal action, businesses must make sure their HR team has the right qualifications and knowledge when it comes to monitoring employees. Talent is the key resource you need to be managing well, and HR professionals are highly valued for helping you do just that.

That being said, here are some considerations you should make when deploying surveillance software to really make the most of this powerful service:

Openly Communicate with Your Employees

Although installing spy software is beneficial for all parties, there’s still a big chance that some employees might not feel comfortable with it. To help put your employees at ease, you can explain to them the importance of using this software. However, you should keep the conversation going, and encourage them to voice out any concerns they might have. This is because responding constructively to your employees is the number one driver for building trust in your relationship.

Share Your Insights with Them

To really help increase the productivity levels of your remote team, you should consider sharing with them the insights you’ve received from TheOneSpy features. For instance, you can study their work hours on specific projects, and figure out what areas will improve their performance. Overall, sharing your insights with them will not only motivate them to work more efficiently, it will help them see the bigger picture of using spy software.

As long as a company is open and uses spy app responsibly, it is one of the most effective ways to manage employees remotely.

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