How To Spy On iPhone & iPad In 2023?

How To Spy On iPhone & iPad

Do you know people these days trying their best to spy on iPhones and iPad? In this article, you will learn how iPhone spying is possible on any iOS device. Many Individuals try to find the best ways to ingress into someone’s iPhone and iPad. iPhone devices have become common in the United States. More than 90% of people love to have iOS devices for making calls, messages, SMS, and browsing websites. So, people seem desperate to access the information on other ipads. They also want to monitor iOS devices without them knowing. Now, the question arises should anyone consider monitoring an iPhone device secretly? Before we discuss what you need to track someone’s iPhone and iPad. Let’s discuss the legitimacy, chances, and ways to access someone’s iOS device.

Is It Legal To Spy On Another iPhone Or iPad?

iPhone spying legitimacy depends on many factors. It means there is no single argument to monitor and track someone’s iPhone device. It could differ from country to country and state by state. If you own the device, you can spy on the iPhone whether you have given it to someone else. There is another provision in iPhone monitoring. Have the consent of your target iPhone user. The written permission of the target person will make you legible. Then you can track someone’s iOS device.

Otherwise, you cannot do surveillance on another person’s iPhone. It would consider an illegal act, and you may charge with a grave offense against the law. So, you should consult your attorney before trying to track someone’s iPhone or iPad. Before you do anything risky, know your legal situation. Find a legal iPhone spy app to monitor someone’s chats, SMS, IM social media, call logs, and other activities.

Can We Monitor Someone’s iPhone Without A Jailbreak iOS Device?

There is a big no when monitoring another iPhone device without jailbreak. Now, questions arise why anyone cannot track iOS devices without a jailbreak. The answer is that iPhones have a robust security system. Further, its operating system is not an open source like Android OS.

So, you must get administrative access to someone’s iPhone and iPod. You have to do it with a jailbreak solution. Then you can monitor any iPhone device no matter if it is running with the latest OS. Some people recommend doing surveillance on iPhones with iCloud access. But, it is not that effective as the jailbreak process allows you to track the target iPhone device.

What Are Free Ways To Spy On A Target iPhone Or iPad Device?

If you can access someone’s iCloud credentials, you can monitor anyone’s iPhone. You can use software and hardware to control someone’s iPhone, iPads, and other devices. The iCloud empowers you to do anything via updating apps and purchasing iTunes and Siri. All the data on your target iOS device after logging into the iCloud account will pass through the Apple servers. The servers don’t provide access to everyone, but you can spy on them with the iCloud credentials of your target device by using it on the web browsers.

So, you can go for remote monitoring using the Apple iCloud by their login information. But you need to turn off the “Find my iPhone” service. Then no other network will let someone know where you are. Find My iPhone allows anyone to track, lock, and remove their iOS device touch if lost or misplaced.

If you have been granted access, you can get into the account using the brute force method on the network password. It is not recommended at all. Instead, you can use the passcode and the user’s name to access if you know the iCloud credentials.

Track Your Target iPhone Device With Just A Number

If you want to perform iPhone tracking with just a number, you have to use a phishing scam. So, you have to send a text or email to the target iOS device with a malicious link. You have to trick down your target person and make it touch the given link in the text message. It will unveil the GPS location of your target device.

Another trick for spying on someone’s iPhone with a number is sending messages with malicious links. This time it will make users install the app on their iPhone device. These methods have low chances of monitoring someone’s iPhone. So, other than using numbers or IMEI numbers, consider other tricks a scam.

Why Would Anyone Want To Do Surveillance On iPhone Devices?

There are many reasons behind spying on anyone’s iPhone device. Today, we discuss in the following:

To Set Parental Controls On The iPhone Of Your Kids

Do you know iPhones have become iporn? So, parents must understand what kids do on their iOS devices connected to cyberspace. Young kids are social media addicts and spend time on WhatsApp and other messaging apps. They also download online dating apps and set dates into their iPhone calendars to meet someone for a blind date. Young teens interact with strangers online, and parents have no way but to monitor their iPhones.

To Perform Employee Monitoring On iOS Devices

Do you know iPhones have become the crown jewels of hacking? So, cyber-criminals can sweep your business iPhone provided to employees. Further, you want to spy on someone’s contacts, SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp logs on a business iOS device. Further, you may want to see call logs, appointments, and other iPhone activities. Employee monitoring has become necessary to protect business data no time ever before.

Do you want to monitor someone’s iPhone? You need an iPhone spy app to monitor and track every activity performed on your target iOS device, like iPads, and iPhones.

Is Using A Spy App The Best Way To Monitor Another iPhone Device?

Yes. The usage of spy software for iPhones would be the most effective way to track iOS devices. It will monitor the target device remotely after you have one-time physical access to it. Users can use it via an online control panel by unleashing the spying and monitoring features. You can only collect a bulk of information from someone’s iPhone; it is necessary to use a spy solution.

Otherwise, you cannot monitor that much information from the target device. Further, it will keep your privacy when getting data from another device. The user could monitor the target device for the very long term. It will remain hidden and undetectable on another iPhone or iPad.

How Much An iPhone Monitoring App Cost?

Well it would differ solution to solution. In general, the cost of spying, and monitoring software for iPhone depends on their features. But, great spy apps for iPhone do offer discounts, and offers for their new users. You could get the monitoring solution rangers from $100 to $200 for many months.

Which Is The Best iPhone Spy Software To Monitor An iOS Device?

Several iPhone tracking solutions are on the web. But, find the best spy software to monitor another iOS device. Here are a few signs of the best apps to spy on iPhone devices:

  • Easy to install on Jailbreak iPhones
  • Please take a few minutes to configure it
  • It remains hidden all the time on iPhone
  • Undetectable for target iPhone users
  • Pack with the result-oriented features
  • Works at the back end of the device
  • Temper-proof spying solutions
  • Results in an invisible mode
  • No need to use the iCloud credentials

Use TheOneSpy As The Best iPhone Spy App On Any iOS Device

Users can use our iPhone monitoring software on any iPhone device connected to cyberspace. Install it on a jailbreak iPhone or iPad and use the following features to get the job done:

Call logs

TheOneSpy has one of the best spy apps for iPhones. It empowers you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls on iOS devices.

WhatsApp Spy App

Users can monitor and read the sent and received text messages, chat conversations, and voice call logs with timestamps.


The iPhone monitoring solution is the best tool for users to spy on sent and received SMS with time stamps. Users can read what your kids or employees are saying in SMS.


Users can monitor and track iMessages on any iPhone device with our best surveillance software for iPhones.


You can check the appointments your kid’s teens and employees have made for a blind date or for having an interview with another company.


You can spy on the calendars to see the reminders of the target person on their iPhones in no time. You can monitor calendars without them knowing.

View installed apps

Parents can view the installed applications, like dating apps, IM apps, and a list of the apps with names. Employers can also see the apps that are time-wasting and malicious for business devices.

Target Smartphone Info

Use the TheOneSpy dashboard and make tap on the device info. It will let you know about the IEMI number, Wi-Fi status, and battery left.


TheOneSpy is one of the few trustworthy brands with iPhone spy solutions. So, subscribe to our iPhone monitoring solution for jailbreak devices. It will let you set parental controls on your kids and monitor your business devices to the next level. So, avoid spending your money on time-wasting and scamming spy solutions to spy on iPhones and iPads.

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