Screenagers: The Impact On Children’s Life Growing Up in Digital Age

screen agers the impact on childrens life growing up in digital age

Parents these days used of watching kid’s scrolling technological devices screen. In addition, they used of pressing keypad of the devices with their rapid –fire thumbs and finger tips alongside six –seconds attention span.

In addition, the well-known Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston have seen their own kids using digital devices in such an obsessed way. So, she decided and began a quest to unveil how it might impact the children’s life growing up in digital age. Today, youth is clearly known as screenagers says Ruston, she have been taken a deep personal interest since she probe into the dangerous concerns of family life.

So, she decided to explore each and every single aspect why children become so much addicted to social media, internet addiction, video gaming and many others alike. All these type of activities and obsession among screenagers impact in kid’s development. However, today irrespective of the investigation we will tell you the impact of screen on kid’s growth and how parents can deal with it.

Typical Parenting & Screenagers

Addiction with the cell phone, gadgets and computer screen connected to the internet is the most difficult parenting issues we have ever faced. Screenagers these days perform plenty of activities on the digital devices screen in terms of internet consumption, video games, social media and others are quite complicated to parenting around. On the other hand, parents made the mistake are that that they assert their authority without explaining in a way that makes sense to the child.

Today if you are having a conversation with your kids they would say “It is awesome how you can see videos on cell phones, share photos on social media, and playing video games is the best activities”, screenagers view about the screen activities.

According to the Stats of Pew Research Center

  • Young kids or screenagers growing up under the influence of digital devices used to spend 6.5 hours a day on the screen of digital devices apart from the classroom or homework screen time.
  • Young boys at least spend an average time of 1. 5 days on video games every week which is quite alarming for the parents
  • Recent studies show that excessive screen time causes digital dementia and also causes increased dopamine production. It also causes a type of behavior likewise mimics addiction.

Use of Screen in School: Screenagers Activities Beyond School Gates

Today, young kids and teens are becoming undoubtedly overstimulated just because of excessive use of digital devices beyond the school gates. In addition according to common sense, media reports implications of the threatening growth of screen use at schools on the name of studies can really be contributing issues for the children no time ever before.

Apart from the negative use cell phone or tablet usage at school likewise bullying online, stalking, dating online and excess to X –rated content, we as educators are modeling our students to adopt technology without thinking about the vulnerabilities.

However, schools these days are doing handy efforts to increase the time of technology by putting into their hands in terms of mobile phones, tablets, and laptop desktop computer machines.

Educators have come up with innovations likewise digital textbooks, collecting notes and stuff popular in K 12 education. Screenagers have to have digital device and internet connection particularly for studies, it means they are more likely to engage with predators online, adopt bad habits and dangerous trends online.

Boys & Video Games: Screen Agers Obsessed with Online Games

No matter what playing games online especially on cell phones, gadgets and on laptop desktop devices connected to the internet has not been diagnosed as a disorder, but online games is a real –issue.

The University of New Mexico recent study has unveiled that, almost 6 to 15% of the gamer online shows addiction to gaming online using digital devices.

gamers are budy on digital devices

Through the person, it can tell the story whether he/she is an addiction to online gaming or not due to suffering from the symptoms. Therefore, parents need to treat behavior rather than trauma.

There are multiple types of after effects an obsessed video game player can suffer with and emotional symptoms of video gaming addiction are in particular causes restlessness, irritable behavior, telling lies about time spent on games, remain lonely to spend time as much as can. Moreover, there could be physical symptoms of video game addiction such as fatigue, screen time cause digital dementia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Excessive Screen Time of digital devices making kid’s overstimulated causes eye side issues and as well as causes dementia, carpal tunnel syndrome. Parents have to look after digital devices & screen activities of children with parental controls

Teens & Social Media: Screenagers and Impact of Social Media

The amalgamation of these two could be disastrous for the teens that you cannot imagine. Social media itself is a wizard and on cell phone device it certainly oils the eyeballs in your eyes socket. Cell phone device alongside the internet connection empowers young users to install social media apps. Moreover, the trendy instant messaging apps enable the user to interact with the strangers online likewise stalkers, cyber bullies and others through text messages and text conversations.

The problem takes steps further ahead when teens start using social media apps and websites as a dating one by sharing photos, videos in a compromising way to the strangers or the crush they have seen online. In addition, they make audio video calls and send Voice messages. It means there are substantial influences digital devices have on our children.

Moreover, with the use of cell phone and social media teens these days are harboring sexual fantasies on a mobile phone. Since the teens start owning cell phones online predators and digital citizenship of teens are interconnected.

The more you have the presence of social media more you have interactions with the strangers. Therefore, screenagers need to be protected by the parents from the nightmares they are facing or they could face in the future to the fullest.

Screenagers & the Parents: The Real Battle

Young kids and teens are growing or have been grown up in the digital age under the influence of digital devices screens and internet access; they are more likely to grownup alongside multiple types of traumas, health issues and as well as plenty of dangerous impacts that we have already discussed earlier in this particular post.

Parents can deal with all the negative effects of the digital world on screenagers by using the mobile phone parental control app. Parents can use parental monitoring software on kids and teens smartphone devices and record screen activities in real –time using live screen recorder software.

It can push you to make short back to videos of the screen that you can view having access to the electronic web portal. You can record the screen of screenager’s cell phone in terms of chrome activities, social media apps activities, YouTube, emails, SMS and last but not the least applied passwords.

However, you can monitor browsing activities on your teen’s cellphone by default browser monitoring. You can get to know about visited apps, websites, and bookmarks. In addition, parents can keep a hidden eye on the social media activities of the screenagers. You can monitor social media logs in terms of text messages, conversations, shared media files and Voice messages using cell phone parental monitoring software.

Screenagers being grown up in the digital age have various types of impacts on their lives. Parents need to know that how to deal with the kid’s grown up under the influence of technology. Parents should kept children’s digital activities under surveillance using phone monitoring app.

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