Watch out Your Kid’s Cyber Life Before They Go into Predator’s Hands

watch out your kids

Days are gone when every kid has a dream to have leisure time in order to spend some time with the friends in playgrounds. On the other hand, parents only have to think about to protect their children from real-life predators and from the bad company of friends they keep.

Today the course of parenting has been quite changed and every parents worries about cyber predators at some particular point of time when kids are grown and almost reached the point where they come to understand what the social media, cell phones, and computer machines are and how to use the piece of technology connected to the internet.

Well! I would say it is positive to be cautious that facts show that kids may connect by the adult stranger seeking sexual communication. But today stats are horrible where young kids willingly or accidentally connect online with the cyber predators and it is the natural thing for the parents to be concerned that kids are visiting the unknown and barbaric world.

Let’s talk about the reports, stats, and facts about kids and online predator’s encounters.

University of New Hampshire’s youth Internet Safety Stats

  • Unwanted sexual Solicitations is on the rise against kids and teens, according to the University of New Hampshire’s youth Internet Safety Study (YISS)
  • Almost 9% of young kids and teens receive unwanted sexual solicitation through social messaging apps and via others platforms using mobile phones and internet.
  • Young kids and teens usually manipulated by the peer pressure to post sexual content, sexting and do blind dating, According to the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center Reports.

New England Journal of Public Policy Stats

  • The interaction with the online predators of kids and teens usually happens in chat rooms of social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and plenty of others or in the chats feature of online multiplayer games.
  • Online games and instant messengers usually do not develop for kids and teens that have less control, privacy settings and safeguards.
  • Young teens and kids mostly go to the adult’s websites on their cell phone browser, use dating apps such as Tinder out of curiosity about sex and romance.

Dangerous Facts and Stats about online predators against teens and kids

  • Most of the cyber predators pretend that they are kids and few reveals that they are older.
  • Older predators mostly appeal to the tweens and teens from the age of 12 -16
  • Usually, online predators ask for the sex talk or sexting and even ask for the photos of the young target. They are also known as sexual predators that want instant results.
  • Most of the predators are involved in “Bunny Hunting” trap their young target gradually and they also are known as stalkers. They do chats conversations, audio and video conversations and sent Voice messages such as Facebook Voice messages, WhatsApp Voice messages, IMO Voice messages, and others.
  • Most of the teens got trapped and share compromising photos, videos and finally, predators engage them in “sextortion”. However, after having trust on the target they ask for the real-life meetings.

To Whom Online Predators target most of the Times

  • Online Predators usually target young kids, tweens and teens who are involved in revealing pictures, divulge in past sexual abuse or that want to have sex talk online.
  • They mostly make the target young kids and teens that are in the age of 12-15 and it’s the prime age to get manipulated emotionally and sexually.
  • Teen’s boys are also their target who always questions about their sexuality because their shyness forces them to share things online.
  • Young teens who want to feel special in terms of validated, attractive, and when they are lonely in their lives and need someone’s special attention.
  • Most teens willingly want to have a relationship with online predators and keep it secret from their parents.
  • Phone calls, number of text messages, selfies and receiving gifts from the strangers are the positive signs that teens are in a relationship with the strangers.

Parents should Make Strategies to protect children from cyber predators

The Strategies

  • Rather than having fear in parent’s minds, they should arm young kids and teens with the information against the cyber predators such as cyberbullying, stalkers, child abusers, and sexual predators and about others.
  • Parents should guide their teens and kids that when they appear online, mostly it can happen someone can ask them for pictures, friendship, and personal information and even can manipulate them sexually.
  • Parents should stay on top of what their kids and teens are doing on the social media when their cell phones, tablets and pads of Android, IOS and others OS connected to the internet.
  • Parents should know that to whom they are making phone calls, text messages, emails, chat conversations and audio and video conversations and others.
  • Parents should talk with their kids and teens and make them need to know about the digital citizenship and they should also guide their children about being mindful about their digital footprints.
  • Teach your kids and teens, if someone asking for sexy pictures, videos and ask for to do self–obscenity they are not friends at all, no matter how much the person is cooler in the conversation.

Cell Phone Parental Control App can make Parents Strategies Effective & Possible

Simply parents just need to install the android spy app for parental control and use its powerful features that can inform parents about all the activities they do in the digital life, real life and where they are present at the moment along with pinpoint accuracy.

They can use IM’s Social Media of the Android phone spy software and can view IM’s logs such as chats conversations, text messages, audio and video conversations, shared media files and sent Voice messages.

Parents can also use live screen recording that enables a user to make short videos of the kids and teens cell phone and can perform screen recording of all the trendy social messaging apps. However, parents can chase home screen passwords, YouTube screen recording, SMS screen recording, email screen recording and chrome screen recording.

It further empowers parents to track phone calls of teens with strangers with android secret phone call recorder and parents can track text messages with text messages spy of the android phone spy software.

Phone spy app for android phone also enables parents to view and block kids and teen’s inappropriate texting, calls, installed apps and others with remotely phone controller of the android spy software. Parents can remotely view installed apps, block text messages, block stranger’s incoming calls remotely and even block internet acces
s remotely
on the target Android smartphone.

You can use browsing history of the android phone spy app and can view remotely visited websites and bookmarked websites on the target cell phone. Let’s suppose you have come to know that your teen has a plan to meet with the online predators in real-life by using the android parenting software, then you can use GPS location tracker and can track the exact location of your child within no time.

Further, you can also use listen surrounds android and can record and listen to the voices and conversation of surrounds and get to know what teens are talking about with the supposed predator in real-life.


Instead of acting out of fear, parents should arm themselves with android parental control software in order to protect their children from all the cyber predators to the fullest. Furthermore, parents will be able to use all the above-mentioned strategies to be proactive in the protection of the children.

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