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What is The Best Spy App For Android Phone in 2019?

What is the best spy app for Android

In modern times, dozens of spy apps for android have come into existence and have claimed to be the best at tracking android phones. They further pretend as the best spy apps for Android and once the users have got their hands by doing online payment, at the end of the day they come to know the surveillance software was not more than scam and bluff only. Therefore, many users over the years have taken a legal action against the companies offered cell phone monitoring app for androids.  However, it would be better for you to be careful while making choice before subscribing to the best spying software for androids.

Generally About the Android Phone: Reasons Behind Android tracking

Android smartphones are the most popular and user-friendly phones that enable a user to use it easily within a few days. The Android operating system in phones provides user exciting experience when it comes to the use of internet and the social media.

Furthermore, a user can do other activities on android in the same friendly and useful fashion such as text messages, calls, website visiting through browsers, shared media files i.e such photos and videos. It further provides user handsome space to store your private data into the cell phone running with Android operating systems. All of these mentioned activities through the Android devices force some users to monitor on others activities on the cell phone for the number of reasons.

Things that Really Make A Best Android Spy App

There is the number of qualities a cell phone spy app for android should have necessarily. Following mentioned things set apart a robust and genuine spyware for android then the fake ones. Keep the under mentioned things in mind while choosing the best monitoring phone android and you will not have worries and question in mind how can I monitor on android phone and what tracking software you should use to track the phone of android convincingly?

Best Spy Apps for Android Features

  • The Android spy app should be able to work as complete parental control solution
  • An app to spy Android can track browsing history of target mobile
  • Track social media and instant messengers chats, conversation, calls, voice etc
  • The app helps remote screen recording & view live screen sharing
  • Android monitoring helps to remotely control Android phone
  • Enables Parents and Employers to monitor kids and employees activities respectively
  • Android App for spying can spy caller and track live mobile location
  • Monitoring App for Android helps to backup multimedia i.e Photos, Videos, and much more

Ability to Set Parental Control on Androids

The best cell phone spying app needs to be capable of setting parental control app for android on kids and teens smartphones. Today, the social networking apps are one of the favorites and time-consuming activity for the youth. Therefore, they use the online social media platform on the android phones such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Tinder, Tumblr, Whatsapp and plenty of others. Finally, they bullied online, stalked by the strangers and hunt by child abusers. They get their eyes on adult content through adult websites visited through android phone browser. So, android spy software should have the following tools to behave like android parental control software.

Track Browsing History

Hidden spy software should have the capacity to track all the visited websites by the young kids and teens in real-time and as well as all bookmarked websites.

Monitor IM’s social media

Spy software for Android can spy on kid’s social messaging apps activities such as IM’s logs, chat conversation, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOICE messages.

Spy 360 Live Screen Sharing

TOS Software for Android can broadcast the live screen into the web portal live and users have the access to visit live screen activities.

Remote Live Screen Recorder

A user can use software to spy on android phones in such a way that can make short back to back videos of all the activities such as live android screen recording of all the trendy instant messengers, chrome screen recording, password chaser, YouTube screen recording, SMS and email screen recording.

Remotely Control Android Phone

The Android mobile spy software that can remotely control kids and teens activities such as block text messages, incoming calls of strangers and block the internet when needed.

Enable a Boss to Monitor employees

Every employer wants to have disciplined employee within the business organization that can work properly within the working hours. Employers also want to pick out the dishonest and sluggish employees who can cheat with the employers by getting their hands on companies’ private and confidential data. In the business enterprise, employers usually provide android phones, android tablets, and pads to the employees for the productivity.

They need to use a kind of android spying software that keep employers updated all the time regarding employees activities on the company’s owned android gadgets. There are following tools that an employer should use for keeping an eye on employees android devices and to protect the business from the possible threats to the data stored in the Android gadgets.

Data Backup

Cell phone spyware for Android enables a user to create android data backup in order to protect the data stored into the Android gadgets. Once a user has installed the android monitoring app on the target device all the stored will sync into the online control panel and a user can get it back anytime having sort of cyber-attack or unauthorized access into the device. A user can even remotely delete the data if the device of android theft or lost.

Call Spy

Employers can use best call recorder for android and can record and listen to the calls incoming or outgoing on company’s owned android gadgets. This will let employers know how the employees are behaving with the clients and
either they are using the devices for office use or for personal use.

GPS Location Tracker

Employers can track the current and exact location of the employees whom they sent or visit outside the premises of the company through android GPS location tracker. They will stay updated either the employee has followed the company’s assigned route or not. They can get to know location history and can mark allowed and prohibited areas for the employees.


Employers can capture remotely screenshots of the employees’ activities on the company’s owned android gadgets remotely. This will let employers know what sort of activities employees are doing or they just wasting time on it.

E-mail Tracking

The employer can view all the incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail on the employees’ android gadgets. This will keep employer updated regarding the content of the email.

TOS android spy gifs

Text messages spy

The employer can view all the sent and received text messages with the spy on text messages of the android monitoring app. it further enables an employee to view iMessages, MMS, BMM chats messages and heads up ticker’s notification.

Instant Alerts

The employee can get to know when the partner has changed the SIM card on your target phone in real time and you will get the alert

View Multimedia

The employee can get their hands on the target cell phone gallery remotely and can view all the stored media such as photos and videos by using multimedia of the android spyware.

If any android phones have all the above-mentioned qualities, it means it would be the ultimate android tracking app. You can choose all in one package in a single android tracking software. Just install the following mentioned spyware for androids and put your worries to rest.

Install TheOneSpy Mobile Spy App For Android

You need to subscribe to it and you have to visit the official website and then have to get the credentials through an email. Now install monitoring app for Android and once you have done with the installation. Then you have to activate it on your target android phone and then get access to the online control panel and visit the Android spying tools. Now it is up to you how you want to deal with the target android phone?


No matter if you want to set parental control on your kids and teens android phone, you want to monitor on your employee’s android tablet. You just need to have the world’s no.1 TOS spy phone android.

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