Do Stalkerware & Spy Apps have Similar Functionality?

Do stalkerware & spy apps have similar functionality

Everyone deserves privacy on their phones. Stalkerware apps compromise someone’s privacy without them knowing. Moreover, spy apps do not work like that because monitoring solutions do require the consent of the target person. Stalking apps can stalk people to gain objectives that benefit users personally. However, spy software works for the well-being of the target person, like teens and businesses. Today, we discuss does stalkerware and spy app has similar functions and objectives? Let’s debate and unmask stalkerware market themselves as monitoring and spying applications.

What You Need To Know About Stalkerware?

Satlkerware is software or malware that can steal data from the target device and send it to any third party. Stalkerware works without consent and gathers information to compromise privacy. Stalking software can monitor and track plenty of activity on the phone, like SMS, location, calls, and many more. Every stalkerware has a unique design developed to track everything on the target device. So, stalkerware are malicious, intrusive, invasive, and designed to get information on any device without the target person’s knowledge.

Types Of Stalkerware That You Need To Unmask:

Here are the following stalking apps that we want to address the general public without maligning names and service providers.

  • Free parental control apps
  • Free cell phone monitoring solutions
  • Apps that provide service to catch a cheating spouse
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Free employee monitoring apps
  • Single-feature phone trackers apps
  • Free cell phone spyware apps
  • Monitoring apps without customer care services
  • Spy apps that offer life-time subscription

Isn’t Stalkerware A Spy App or Parental Control Solution?

People have the ambiguity that cell phone spying apps are stalkerware. So, they question themselves, are spy apps stalkerware? Dramatically, legit spying and tracking apps have features that sound the same as stalking apps. Stalking software and spy apps could have the same features as keystrokes logging, call recording, location tracking, social media spying, and many more.

The main difference between the functionality of stalkerware and spy apps lies in a few things. First, legit monitoring software snoop on the device as a legal program, and the stalking app collects the data and delivers it to an unknown hacker and the malicious server. Phone tracking and spying apps market themselves openly and provide features to clients like parents, employers, and individuals. They deliver target data to their customers via an email or a dashboard designed by the service provider.

Is There Any Difference In Functionality Of Spy Software & Stalkerware?

Yes! There is a fine line between the use of stalkerware and phone monitoring apps. Stalking software is for the purpose of malicious, and intrusive activity on someone phone without consent. On the other hand, phone spy app works with the consent of the target person for their safety. Moreover, you can use surveillance apps on the phones that you own like business devices, and phones that you have provided to your underage teens.

Do Spy Apps & Stalkerware Have The Same Features?

Yes! Interestingly, commercial spy solutions and malicious stalking software could have the same features. Users can use legit and illegal solutions for call recording, keystrokes logging, browsing history monitoring, location tracker, and listening to the surroundings on cell phone devices. It depends on the users and service providers how they use and to whom they are selling products. Legit monitoring solutions only provide service to parents and business professionals by getting their credentials. Stalkerware provides its malicious services to people that spy on their cheating spouses. They can breach someone’s business data for lucrative motives.

Features That You Could See In Stalking Apps & Monitoring Apps:

Here are the following features that you can see in spying apps and stalkerware. You don’t get confused between them because it depends on the service provider and users; how they use any solution. Users can use parental control software for stalking, and you can use stalkerware as parental spying software.

  • Keystrokes logger
  • Live call recording
  • Social media tracking
  • GPS location tracking
  • Live surround listening
  • Internet history
  • Call interception
  • Installed apps
  • Screen-time
  • Web-filtering


Terms are flying around and floating on the web to stereotype commercial and legit spy solutions as stalkerware. People could become agree at some point in time, but they don’t know about the reality, and in the end, legit monitoring and tracking apps have to face the backlash.

Few Sings That You Are Using A Stalkerware

Stalkerware always has wrong intentions like breaching privacy, stealing information, and spying on someone without the target knowing. Here are a few signs that let you know you are using stalkerware.

  • Stalkerware harm the target person financially, physically, and morally
  • Stalking software does not ask for the consent of the target person
  • They don’t provide any customer care service to their users
  • They could market themselves as free tracking apps
  • They provide services to catch a cheating spouse
  • They allow stealing someone business intellectual property
  • The app always suggest unethical methods for its usage
  • Target device will consume more battery

Few Signs That You Are Using A Legit Spy Solution

Parents, business professionals, and others have to spy on cell phones provided to kids and employees these days. Do you know why? Parents have got scary feelings, and business professionals could face cyber-attack. So, they have to install a spy app on a cell phone provided to teens and workers. Here are a few signs that enable you to predict that you are using legit spy software –like TheOneSpy, SecureKin, OgyMogy, and many more.

Here are a few things you need to know before you opt for a legit android spy or iPhone monitoring solution.

  • Ask target device consent before providing you service
  • Feature-rich application & easy to configure on android & iPhones
  • Terminate your license whenever you use spy software for illegal purpose
  • Only provide service to struggling parents who want to safeguard kids online
  • Offer services to employers facing online attacks, and internal threats
  • 24/7 customer support center to listen to your general & technical queries
  • Warn you about illegal surveillance before providing their services
  • Enable users to remove their data whenever they need
  • Consume less battery having sophisticated programming
  • Compatible with any OS of a the cell phone
  • Provide both visible & invisible option to users

Is There Any Way To Stop Stalkerware On Your Phone?

Yes! You can stop the accidental usage of stalking software for cell phones. You only opt for the tracking apps that offer legit monitoring activity, like protecting your child from online predators and safeguarding your business from disgruntled employees. You can stop chasing apps that provide services to breach and steal information on someone’s phone without consent. You can use TheOneSpy parental control and employee monitoring service to safeguard your business and kids from predators online.


The simple argument is that you can browse your phone to watch inappropriate and appropriate content. It is up to you how you are using a monitoring solution. It depends on the user’s intent and to a service provider. TheOneSpy is a responsible service provider that believes in privacy and doesn’t allow anyone to use the service for stalking.

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