Telegram Hacked! Secure IM’s Private Chats with TOS Features

telegram hacked secure tos spying features

Number of Telegram accounts the popular social messaging app has hacked and more than 15 million phone numbers of the users have hacked by the Iranian hackers that have exploited an SMS text message flaw a couple of years ago, the renowned media organizations have been reported that. The data breaching activities have become common these days and if you still believe that the end to end encrypted instant messaging services protect your personal data than you are mistaken.

The current year has come with a lot of data breaching stories and the users are used to of social messaging apps such as Facebook, Telegram, Tinder, Whatsapp and plenty of others. But if you are still thinking that these contemporary instant messengers are end to end encrypted and the private data in the shape of chats and others are secure then you should be aware of it is not possible anymore. So, none of the possibility you have to protect your private chats on their own.

A couple of years ago, the well-known media organizations and Reuters have stated that the phone numbers of 15 million users in Iran and plenty of accounts of Telegram social networking service have been hacked by the Iranian hackers that have exploited an SMS text message flaw.

What really Telegram offer users

It is basically an instant messaging app along with the security and presents itself as the ultra-secure social media messaging app and the data is end to end encrypted. The mighty messenger has almost 100 million active users.

According to the Experts

The two researchers Collin Anderson & Claudio Guarnieri have stated that the attack has scared the communication of activist, journalist and plenty of others peoples in Iran, the country where 20 million active users are using the instant messaging app Telegram.

The Largest Data Breaching of IM’s of All Time

Reports have further stated that the incident that has taken place in Iran was the largest data breaching attack of all time of social instant messaging platforms. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the matter the only Telegram messages can be hacked, irrespective of that all the social apps that are end-to-end encrypted can be compromised. In short, all the trendy instant messengers spying can be done through spy apps i.e. TheOneSpy social media monitoring software for mobile and PC and Indeed social media IM’s are not secure that registration is fixed through SMS verification mechanism.

Telegram is not the only target, others messaging apps also at Stake:

The people that are not aware of that fact, the SMS-based verification mechanism has created through the services to deliver the verification codes to its users through text messages, when it comes to the Telegram the same account can be activated on the more than one device.

So, the verification codes sent on the user’s cell phone device can be intercepted through the state-owned phone companies and the malicious hacker can also get their hands on, having the contemporary skills to get the access into the sources.

Furthermore, these codes can be utilized by the hackers secretly and they can add new devices because the Telegram offers their users to login on to their account on more than one device at the same time and snoop messages. On the other hand, the end to end screen monitoring securing mechanism cannot be accessible across the devices except TOS is installed. Anyhow, how the standard SMS based verification actually works and we cannot blame only to the Telegram messenger.

According to the reports of Telegram data breaching activities a couple of years ago through intercepting the SMS-verification codes, this is the latest threat we have had and we are waking the users to the fullest, Telegram officials stated that.

What should Users do to protect the Telegram Private Chats?

3 Telegram Features that can combat with hackers

All the telegram users should aware of three features that the social messaging app offers to the users and they should always turn them on. Let’s discuss all of the three features. No other social messaging app enables a user to tackle the hacking attempts and these features are less known but effective.

  1. Track Telegram Active Sessions

The Telegram empowers users to sync your single account on more than one device similar to your cell phone, tablet, and desktop. Each and every single sign-in makes an active session that can be viewed via privacy and security settings that shows all of logged in devices with IP address. The instant messenger enables the user to remotely stop the app sessions that are suspicious or not needed.

  1. Use Telegram 2-step password verification

It allows users to set an additional password for the telegram account that is very necessary to log in to your account. It prevents recent text messages attacks and a user will have additional password needed to log in to the account. So, when a user comes to know that any suspicious activity uses 2-step password code.

  1. Self-removed secret chats

A user has to use a feature before using the chat feature. It allows the user to self-removed chats that user think is very private. On another hand, the mighty Facebook messenger and Snapchat offer these kinds of features.

Use TOS as the last weapon to protect your private chat

TOS is the best tool to deal with the data breaching activities and in-case you have lost all of your private chat data, it would provide you the way to retrieve all of the lost or hacked data of your social messaging app such as Telegram. A user can use the data back up on the Telegram messenger installed on your cell phone device. The data backup of the cell phone monitoring software allows the user to get all of the hacked data back in your possession.

It enables a user to have an individual online TOS dashboard and when a user is busy in Telegram chats and suddenly there is a suspicious activity, a user can also remotely wipe out all of the data within no time and no one gets your private chat and data in their hands whether it is the hacker with skills.

After remotely wipe out the data, a user can get access to an online dashboard and retrieve all the chats that you have suddenly deleted due to any suspicious activity happen on your cell phone device messenger. On the other hand, if young kids and teens are sharing their pictures and photos and you are not aware of the fact. Then a user can even monitor their teen’s Telegram messaging app to the fullest with the help of cell phone and computer monitoring app.

Parents should aware of the fact that IM’s are not secure

Parents when come to know that all the trendy social messaging apps are not secured even the fact that these are the end to end encrypted they may become threatened. The tension may raise more when they come to know they share their photos and videos that could be in compromised condition, then obviously parents have to stop teens doing such activities.

They just need to put their worries to rest. They just need to use the cell phone & computer tracking spyware that allow a user to monitor each and every single activity happen on all the trendy social messaging apps. Cell phone spy app allows a user to use IM’s social media and a user will be able to view IM’s chats, conversation, IM’s logs, shared media files and even the VOIP calls.

Parents can get their access view all the activities by getting the on-demand screenshots of the laptop and desktop by using the computer tracking app and get to know what really is happening on the screen of the device.

They can get their hands on the keystrokes applied on the Telegram messenger through keylogger. It allows parents to view the password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and SMS keystrokes. Having such type of information parents can get access into the all the trendy social apps including Telegram and get to know what type of data teens have sent or received and even view the conversations and all that.


There is a hell of the difference between the hackers hacking and the parents monitoring activities, hackers are the ones that want to get your data to harm you and the parents are the ones that view their kids and teens activities through monitoring tools to protect kids and teens from ultimate danger.

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