Top 20 Social Media Streaming Apps Destroying Teen’s Lives

dangerous social media streaming apps destroying teens lives

The modern century has introduced unbelievable inventions in technology. Do you know every parent wants to know what kids are up to in the virtual world? Are you aware of the top social media streaming apps destroying teen’s lives? It has become crucial for parents to become tech-savvy about the social messaging and live-streaming apps that could harm kids at any point in time in their lives.

The digital world has brought vulnerabilities for the young generation. Today, they all have access to smartphones, the internet, and social media streaming apps. Chances of teen’s encounters with online bullies, stalkers, sex –offenders, and to be an online stripper have become higher. Therefore, parents have to protect kid’s cybersecurity. TheOneSpy is a masterpiece of craftsman that provides parental services to safeguard teens on social media streaming apps.

Digital parenting has become an essential part of parent’s parental responsibility. Technology has brought teens on the verge of destruction.  Before we go into the debate on how parents can protect teens online and work for their digital well-being, let’s discuss the top social media streaming apps that can destroy teen’s lives.

Top 20 Dangerous Social Media Streaming Apps That Parents Need To Know

There are the following top social media streaming apps that parents need to know. Parents should act fast to protect teens’ digital well-being by using a spy app. Let’s discuss all the dangerous applications one by one.

1. Facebook Social Media Streaming App

It is one of the most popular instant messaging apps and websites. More than 53% of the teens still spending time on Facebook for text messaging, chat, online dating, and streaming online with friends and family. That’s why parents have to spy on Facebook to record live messenger calls without root and monitor teen’s chat and messages with strangers. It is one of those social media live streaming platforms that allow teens to interact with people for sexual hookups and use it for friends and family members.

2. TikTok Video Sharing & Social Streaming App

TikTok is a video-sharing app that has more than 500 million users. 13 is the minimum age for teens to use it on the cell phone device. Apart from the abusive and erotic language used in the video, teens are also using this live streaming social app for sharing nude videos and stripping. All the TikTok accounts are public by default, and teens can get exposed to everyone and get in touch with their young teens. Parents have to monitor TikTok on cell phones connected to cyberspace to protect teens from social media dangers.

3. SnapChat Photo, Video Sharing, Live Streaming App

Snapchat messaging and photo-sharing app needs no introduction. The application has millions of teen users that are addicted to it. Young kids are sharing large numbers of photos and videos on Snapchat. The social messaging app destroys messages, videos, multimedia, and others after some time, and users can fix it via settings. However, it allows teens to share X–rated content and stream live adult channels on it. The application has got hacked, and teens have lost their privacy over it.

It allows users to do messaging, chat and live streaming for voice and video calls. So, it is destroying teen’s lives one way or the other.  Parents have to spy on Snapchat to safeguard teens from sharing nudes via images and videos. Snapchat screen recorder can do a job for you to know what teens are doing on the messaging app and streaming app.

4. Instagram Social App

Instagram is known as a photo-sharing app that allows teens to capture and share photos with their followers. They can also share videos, Instagram reels, and many more. Insta streaming reel feature can exploit teen’s lives to the fullest. Cyber bullying and cyber stalking are on the rise on this social platform. Parents want to know how to take control of my daughter’s Instagram account. Parents can protect teen’s privacy and from its dangers of using spy app for Instagram. Teens are famous for creating beguiler accounts, online dating, and sharing inappropriate content.

5. WhatsApp Social Instant Messenger

It is one of the most popular social media apps that have more than 2.5 billion active users. When it comes to WhatsApp, teens are second to none. They use it for messaging app, and it allows users to send and receive messages, videos, and photos. Further, you can do live voice and video calls for free. Teens are more likely to use it for chatting with friends and family members. It is dangerous for teens because it allows users to make chat groups and add more than 200 hundred contacts. Adult WhatsApp links can invade teen’s chat groups. It means teens may get exposure to adult videos, photos, and many more.

6. Bigo Live Video Streaming App

BiGo Live is a social media streaming app that invites users to create short videos and share them with followers. Teens can make vlogs and get likes and share to make money online. Therefore, teens used to sharing nude content to get more likes and followers and get paid. Bigo live screen recorder tool can help parents to record cellphone screens active with Bigo live and record short videos. Parents can keep an eye on teen’s live streaming activities.

7. Kik Instant Messenger

Kik is a social messaging and streaming app that has got immense popularity among young teenagers. Users can stay anonymous and create an account without age verification. It helps out online predators to interact with the teens and pretends to be a young fellow. Kik allows users to send and receive photos and videos. It is one of those social platforms that enable teens to sneaky sexting activities. Several criminal activities, like rape, kidnapping, and suicide linked with it. More than 1,140 child abuse cases have been reported due to this social media app in the United Kingdom.  Parents should employ the Kik spy app to keep an eye on teen’s activities.

8. Periscope American Live Video Streaming App

A Million of users are using Periscope on digital phones every day. It is one of those social media streaming apps that allow teens to do unethical and potentially dangerous activities.  Teens can easily stream audio and video content and share it with the followers. Video chatting and streaming happen to very dangerous for teen’s online safety. Sharing of videos in a sexually suggestive manner can make teens interact with online predators. One-on-one chat room activities can become viral at any point in time.

9. Telegram Messaging and Video Call Application Service

It is similar to Snapchat because of its self–distracting messages feature. There is always a risk for kids to interact with sex–offenders and privacy sharing. Parents can’t spy on Telegram because Telegram destroys messages logs secretly. It is not suitable for teens and parents needs to monitor social media app. Moreover, it enables users to make voice and video calls that parents should listen to using TheOneSpy Telegram tools. Further, messaging, chat, and other activities can bring teens closer to the people that are always on the hunt for young teens

10. Tinder Geo-Social and Dating App

It is one of those apps that are for finding people for sexual hookups and blind dating. It is very dangerous for teens looking for matches and often got trapped by the strangers that create a fake profile and get sexual motives and then turn towards their next target. Tinder is allowing users to send and receive messages and swap profiles.  The application has a GPS location tracker to find the nearest match for users.

11. Houseparty Group Video Social Networking Service

It is a social network that enables users to communicate with each other. Teens can communicate via text messages and video chat in chat rooms. Teens can make live video calls, but it does not have a mechanism for screening people. It means teens could encounter inappropriate content, and users can capture screenshots and share adult links.

12. Tumblr Micro Blogging and Social App

Teenagers are using this platform for socializing and for creating blogs to share content. They can share text, photos, videos, and many more. The common sense media say Tumblr is full of inappropriate, violent, and adult content that users can access easily. Kids are using it without privacy settings on their accounts. So, teens do share content publicly that could have consequences. Parents can only use Tumblr spy app on teen’s phone to read chat logs and record live cellphone screen.

13. Vk Social & Messaging App

VK is a Russian version of Facebook. It is one of the widely used social media apps in Europe and Russia. It has millions of users, and you can use it for messaging, chat, sharing photos and videos. It has also introduced the live streaming feature for its users. Young teens are obsessed with it, and it is dangerous for teens because of adult content, online dating, and sharing of adult media. Vk spy app can allow parents to spy on teen’s inappropriate activities to protect them from Vk dangers to the fullest.

14. OkCupid - Free Online Dating App

Teenagers are more likely to be tempted into wondering how good-looking they are to the opposite gender. OkCupid social app is interesting for teens that want to be in a relationship. It allows users to create a profile to get a match for dating. Seemingly it is harmless, but sexual predators can create a profile and target young teens on this dating social app. The transmission of sexual content in terms of videos and photos is possible on this platform. Teens could share private photos and videos on it with strangers. Parents have to monitor and track teen’s activities on Okcupid before they become stupid cupid for mean gays.

15. - Live Broadcasting Platform

It is social media streaming app that users to streaming videos in real-time. It is very addictive and has 25 million active users. It is one of the most dangerous applications in the world. It allows teens to attract other users to watch videos by sharing sexually explicit content. Teens are more likely to spend time on it for lucrative purposes. Teens can sign up on Live. me using Facebook. Parents should prevent teens from sharing inappropriate videos by tracking cellphone devices.

16. Chatspin Free Random Video Chat App

Video chat apps have become famous among teens, and they use them for spending time. The social media app can match users with the live video feeds of other people. Young teens get exposed to adult content in real-time, and it happens because of sexual predators that share inappropriate videos. It is a random webcam app that is extremely dangerous for teens. Parents have to stop teens from random video chat apps that allow teens to intermingle with strangers all the time.

17. UpLive - Social Video Live Streaming App

It is one of those social media streaming apps that enable teens to make friends closer to their area. It allows teens to stream live videos with friends and followers. More than 5000 famous people and celebrities have joined the UpLive social media streaming app. It is dangerous for teens because teens can use cellphone cameras to record inappropriate and share them with followers and friends. Parents need to monitor teen’s activities on UpLive to know what kind of content they are viewing and sharing on the live social app.

18. YouStar - Group Chat Video Sharing and Streaming App

YouStar is one of the best social media streaming apps in the world. It claims to protect the chat and data of the users. Teens can enjoy live streaming with friends, family members, and with strangers. Live streaming applications are dangerous for teens because teens see celebrities sharing their semi-nude photos and videos over it they also try to do the same and often get involved in inappropriate activities. YouStar has millions of followers, and young teens are more likely to sign in on this video streaming social app.

19. Line Mobile Messenger and Social App

It is social media app that has more than 600 million active users worldwide. It is growing fast among people, and teens are also using it for free messaging, multimedia, and voice and video calls. Teens also can share cute stickers and emoticons in chat conversations with friends and family members. Line messenger allows teens to make audio and video calls that are addictive for teens. Therefore, teens start spending hours and hours talking with people online. Line us unsafe from cyberbullying, porn, and sexting. It has many attractive message features that force teens to use it.

20. - Social Application

We are living in an age where cyberspace has integrated with our children. Nowadays, young kids and teens are becoming the victim of online bullying no time ever before, and Ask. fm is one of those social media apps that allow users to ask questions and get answers from other users. Nowadays, young teens are using this platform for harming each other because it enables users to remain sneaky. Therefore, make sure your teens are not using it for bullying someone online.

How Can Parents Protect Kids From Dangerous Social Media Apps Who Destroying Teen’s Lives?

Parents have to take an initiative to spy on all those social streaming applications running on kids’ and teens’ cellphone devices. You have to install TheOneSpy to monitor and track instant messaging and live video streaming apps of teens. It enables parents to safeguard teens from strangers, online bullies, and sexual predators. Further, parents can protect teens from the exposure of inappropriate content, hookups, and sharing of privacy.

What Does TheOneSpy Can Do For Worried Parents?

It is an application that works on cellphone devices secretly. Users can remotely discover what their teens are doing on social media apps by using its powerful features. Take a look at the following features to spy on social media streaming apps destroying teen’s lives.

Use TheOneSpy Features To Spy On Teen’s Social Media Apps

Screen Recording:

Users can record the live screen of a cellphone active with social media apps. It further records back-to-back short videos of a phone screen and sends them to its secure web control panel. Users can watch the videos and get to know what sort of activities teens are doing on social media applications. Users can record live screen videos of every social app active on a cellphone screen.


Users can capture screenshots remotely on a phone screen running with the social streaming apps. Further, schedule multiple screenshots to spy on social media apps active on a teen’s mobile device.

Social Media Messenger Spy:

Users can read messages, chat, videos, photos, voice and video calls on the social networks secretly and remotely using IM’s chat spy app. You can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more without root.

VoIP Call Recorder:

Parents can record and listen to the voice and video calls of teens on social media apps without root. Parents can listen to live Facebook, WhatsApp, Line Voice calls.


The social media app that we have mentioned in this post is dangerous for the digital well-being of teens. Parents can use TheOneSpy on their cellphones and spy on every social media app to the fullest. It enables parents to protect teens from inappropriate content viewing, sharing, and online predators.

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