TOS Will Be StealthGenie for you: Let’s Read the Information Below!

theonespy is a stealth genie for android iphone devices

StealthGenie was a well-known spyware app, and its maker was indicted in Virginia several years ago. Do you know why? The maker of the application has sold the application for catching cheating spouses by tracking their calls, locations, messages, social media, and many more. The Federal officials had their investigation that the owner of the spy app was offering technology that monitors calls and other communication in real-time. It is illegal and comes under cybercrime. However, selling these kinds of applications is legal in many states of the world, but you can use them with the consent of the target smartphone user.

Spying is not legal unless the target device belongs to you. You should have the written consent of the target person. You cannot breach privacy without your target person’s knowledge. The question arises how can anyone sell spy applications, and what are the dos and don’ts. How spy apps work legally and without the violation of the law? Use TheOneSpy offers proximity features with StealthGenie, but it is legal and does not violate the law no matter what.

How TheOneSpy (TOS) Work Without The Violation Of The Law?

TOS does not offer its services for catching cheating spouses and for breaching someone’s privacy on digital devices. It safeguards kids and teens and for business safety if the device belongs to parents and employers. It does not offer any service without the consent of the target device users. We know that privacy breaching causes domestic violence among those who are in a relationship.

StealthGenie was involved in service to abusers and directly advertised to catch cheating spouses. So, the spyware ends up in the hands of people that beat their spouses and partners.

TheOneSpy is conscious about its image and very responsible service. It does not offer its services for illicit and intrusive surveillance. No one can get TOS service unless the user provides the written consent of the target person.

It can monitor calls, messages, chats, social media networks, browsing history, and the GPS location of the target device. It allows users to use these features to set parental control on kid’s phones. It is for keeping an eye on business devices during working hours.

Selling of stalker ware is disgraceful; use of any spy app without consent is a crime,” The head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division said once in a news release. StealthGene was doing a crime because it was selling stalker ware to domestic abusers.

TheOneSpy discourages stalkers and domestic abusers from spying on their victims. It is against the brazen invasions of an individual’s privacy. It encourages parents to protect their kids from online predators. Cyber predators like stalkers, child abusers, and rape victims are targeting kids online. The law has permitted parents to spy on kids to make sure their safety.

TheOneSpy is Hidden & Consists of Non-Rooted Spy Features

Spy software has un-rooted features that work on android phones in an invisible mode. It does not require rooting the device and works as the best android monitoring app. So, it works on non-rooted android devices. StealthGenie had claimed that it works in stealth mode, but it was a bluff. TheOneSpy is hidden and undetectable on any device.

That’s why the user doesn’t need to root the device. Further, they will be able to use non-rooted features on the mobile phone of Android OS.

Users who use iOS phones need jailbreak features of mobile phone surveillance software. You need to jailbreak the phone and then use TheOneSpy. iPhone users can read the possible ways to jailbreak.

Non-Rooted & Jailbreak Features of TheOneSpy Software:

Non-rooted Features for Android:

Here are the features of the android spy product that works on non-rooted phones and remains invisible.

  • Call recording
  • GPS location tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Surround recorder
  • Screen recording
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Browsing history
  • Password chaser
  • VoIP call recording

Jailbreak solution Features for iPhone:

TheOneSpy has jailbreak solution for iPhone devices and following are the top rated features that you need to know.

  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Device info
  • Appointments
  • Calendars
  • WhatsApp
  • Notes

Why TheOneSpy Discourage Users To Root Android?

Rooting an android phone causes data loss of your device. Your cellphone device would not remain the same again. It could break down, and you cannot use it further. Therefore, use an android spy-like TheOneSpy. It does need to root the cellphone device and empowers you to monitor and track cellphones without root. It sets parental control on kid’s device and keeps tabs on your employees. It needs the consent of the target device user unless the device belongs to you. It does not encourage domestic abusers to use the application as stalker ware as StealthGenie did in his time.

Top 8 Advantages Of Using Non-Rooted Android Spy – TheOneSpy

tos stealthgenie spy

Here are the top benefits of using non-rooted and hidden spy applications. It is best for parental monitoring and to keep employees under surveillance.

  1. It is a hidden monitoring application
  2. It is the best parental control application
  3. It is handy for keeping an eye on business phones
  4. It is a temper proof application
  5. Most of the features are non-rooted
  6. It does not offer services to abusers & stalkers
  7. Users need the written consent of the target person
  8. It is a legal application that offer services for legitimate purposes

Why TheOneSpy Discourage Users To Root Android?

Jailbreak iOS devices mean bypassing all the restrictions that Apple has fixed. It further allows control of the device. Then the user will be able to use all the jailbreak features of the spy app. TheOneSpy supports jailbreak devices, and you can install it on iOS devices running with 11.2 up to 14.3 iOS version.  Meanwhile, read the procedure to jailbreak iOS 10.1. You cannot use the iPhone spy solution on non-jailbreak devices.

What are The Advantages of Jailbreak iPhone?

Jailbreak iPhones enable users to download and install iPhone monitoring software on the target device. The jailbreak process allows users to get administrative access to the target device, and TheOneSpy is easy to install on the target iPhone.

  • You can install iPhone spy software without issues
  • You don’t need iCloud credentials anymore
  • Spy app for iPhone remains hidden
  • You can spy on any iOS devices in secret
  • Set parental control on your kid’s iPhones
  • Monitor your business iOS devices without them knowing

When a user wants to use any software, installation is necessary on any device.  Cell phone tracker app offers the same procedure to install it for all the packages of TheOneSpy. It will be easy for the user to use the software all packages through the same installation process. It does not make a difference to a user to use the TOS Xlite, and premier plan. The installation process is the same for all packages. TheOneSpy does not offer its service for illegal purposes, and works far better than stealthGenie, but for legal purposes. You cannot use its packages for domestic violence.

Sometimes the user wants to remote uninstall the TOS app on the target device. The mobile phone spyware is easy remote un-install. The user has rooted the target Android phone or jailbreak the iOS device. A user won’t be able to uninstall the free spy app for android phone.  Uninstall the mobile phone tracking program from a non-jailbreak iOS device.

The remote installation is not possible on any cellphone device, android, or iOS. You have to get physical access to the target device to set up the application. No one can perform remote installation, but un-install on rooted and jailbreak devices.


TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance software is third- party app. It is impossible to remote install the third-party app on the target mobile phone gadget. The user has to get access to the target smartphone to perform the installation process.

Once you have installed the free cell phone spying software on a target device, you have to activate it. It will work under complete secrecy and accuracy while spying on your kids and teens cell phone.  When they are doing such activities which you think are not appropriate for them. You can do digital parenting of kids using the parenting control app. It will not give a single clue to your teens that you are watching their online activity. Parents can track their kid’s surroundings using MIC bug. Users can control over the microphone to record and listen to their surroundings of android.

Bug the cameras using live camera streaming by taking over front and back cameras.  They can also use rooted and un-rooted features of spying software for cell phones. It also monitors jailbreak iPhone devices without the target person knowing.

Employers can track the activities of their employees having the best monitoring software. It works in an invisible way and without root. Employees won’t be able to know that employer is keeping a hidden eye on them. Users can track unnecessary IM’s social media activities, live calls, and messages. It also track and shared files.

To Whom TheOneSpy Discourage Spying on Android & iPhones

It discourages people that want to do surveillance on spouses and partners. It opposes the incidents that happen due to domestic violence. Stalker wares like StealthGenie and Mspy have already has indicted due to involvement in domestic violence and data security issues of the users. TheOneSpy is for parental spying and to track employees during working hours. It does not offer services to the users without having consent

Yes, the User can use one license on many devices, but you have to use TheOneSpy license one by one with the same subscription plan. However, Users can not use the license simultaneously on more than one device. One thing you need to keep in your mind is that when you switch the device and use the same license, it will not sync the data of your last device.

Categories of TheOneSpy all Package Plans

TOS Cell phones spy app has categorized its packages into two different categories. The categories consist of many features and duration, which are as follows. Let’s discuss all three plans and packages.

Xlite Plan

The Xlite plan is a medium package introduced by the cell phone tracking software. The user can get it at a reasonable price of 35$, $75 $135 for six months, and $175 for a year. It also provides some rooted features to users.

Premier Plan

The premier package of the TOS phone spy program contains the non-rooted features. If a user wants to use the rooted feature, then a user has to root the un-rooted device. Users can get this plan within $50, $95, $170 for six months, and $250 for 12 months.


Do you want to use the TheOneSpy android tracking app? You may want to use its jailbreak solution. You need to read the information carefully in the article. We are sure that you will have a stealthGenie that works in hidden modes on target devices.

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