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Hackers Create Corporate Chaos

The dark crevices of the digital world, malicious entities and individuals are ready and waiting for the best piece of opportunity to hit either large or small business, especially at the time when they are not expecting. Today, I am going to aware the Bosses of the business networks against those cyber comrades who thrive on the thrill of the plan and to execute corporate chaos. Over the years, the number of times the cybercriminals have been hit the corporate world by storm and small and the large business security has fallen. Generally, the cyber criminals known as black hat hackers have attacked the company’s owned PCs such as windows and MAC computers and laptop devices. Let’s take you a little back about the online attacks that really hit the bull’s eye and give a massive damage to the business community.

Cyber Ransomware attacks

The Facts

Don’t go far back, last year Global hacking attacks were responsible for infecting 57000 thousand computer machines. The hackers have operated in such a way that they have exploited US spy intelligence agency tools and then launched a huge virtual attack on almost 100 major countries of the world.

How they did it?

The cyber attacker had used a trick with the victims and has opened malicious malware with the attachments such as spam emails with invoices, bluff of job opportunities, security vulnerabilities and plenty of other legitimate archives. After that, the hackers encrypted the data on the computers such as windows and MAC desktops devices. Then they have demanded the payments form the victims of the corporate sector those had the confidential data and secret information regarding their businesses within the hacked computer machines. On the other hand, the security researchers had a view, the victims were ready for the payment via bitcoin to digital extortionists, and other money transfer methods and services.

How they spread it

The ransom-ware attack had been launched through a worm named as “WanaCry”. It had infected more than 200,000 computer devices in more than 150 countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, and others.

CIA Hacking Tools “Couch Potato”& others

The Facts

  • The CIA hacking tools “Couch Potato” was responsible for spying on videos streams remotely in real time on computer devices.
  • Bothan spy & Gyrfalcon are 2 best CIA implants that are powerful and enable a user intercept and infiltrate SSH credentials from the target Windows PCs.
  • After Midnight & Assassin are 2 bet CIA frameworks for the windows computers that capable of hacking and also report back to the user about the damage to the remotely controlled Windows computer device.Why are these kinds of attacks successful?

Why Hacking Becomes Possible in the Corporate Sector

Uncontrolled internet access, Data Breaching & Others

  • IDC research stated that almost 30 to 40 percent of the internet in the business world is used by the employees for personal reasons.
  • American business organizations almost bear an annual loss 63 billion due to the misuse of the internet, according to the Websense Incorporation.
  • One out five employees Uses Company’s owned PCs for the sake of purchasing gifts and as well as different websites.

Data breaching

Data breaching is one of the biggest issues for the business organizations worldwide and it has effects millions of Bosses.

90% small and 74% large business had to compromise their company’s owned data and 60% of the breaches were due to the employees.

Almost 60% of the employees usually have access to the company’s data stored into the company’s provided computers such as windows and MAC.

Others reasons

Phishing Attacks

Most of the cyber-attacks from the hackers are due to the spam emails sent to the business employees. This kind of spam emails usually contain malicious links and once the employee of the small and large scale business made the click, then he/she may lose everything existed within the computer machine. Sometimes, this kind of attacks redirect a user to the fake website and the user may have to lose the password and other credentials of bank account or credit card.

How Can Employer Protect the Business?

Simply employers have to keep an eye on the activities of the employees and to those that are responsible for making successful to the cyber-attacks. They can keep an eye on their employee’s activities on company’s owned machine with the help of computer monitoring software. They can use website blocking of computer spying app on the windows and MAC machines and block all those time-wasting activities that make your business a soft target for the hackers.

However, a user can use computer surveillance app as data backup software. Once a user has installed the spying app for computers, all the data within the windows and MAC machines will automatically sync to the TOS online control panel. TOS computer tracking app further enable a user to do the screen recording of the company’s owned computer devices in order to know all the activities of the employees within the working hours.

They can further use keylogger for android to get all the keystrokes applied such password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. This will really help out the employers to know what they really do on the messenger and what sort of emails they receive on the company’s owned windows and MAC computer devices. A user can get time-time reports of all the activities performed by the employees.

Computer monitoring software enables employers to get screenshots of the activities and user can use mighty alarms in order to know prohibited activities happen on the devices that can become vulnerable for the business.

However, the user just needs to keep an eye on weak passwords, similar passwords, data sent through email, software used by the employees and last but not the least aware of the fact the OS should be updated in order to avoid


No matter what type of threats Bosses are facing in the virtual world today, Computer tracking software for MAC and Computer is the best option to prevent from cyber-attacks.

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