The Rising Trend of Employee Spying at Workplace

the rising trend of spying at workplace

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The rise in the rise of business organizations and the development of technology enable bosses to monitor their employee’s emails, phone calls, movements and activities on company’s owned devices. The workplace spying has become necessary for the employers in order to protect their business, to improve the productivity and to have a constant check on the workforce are the major reasons to monitor the employees, especially within the working hours.

Employees are being tracked in every way

In a business firm where numbers of employees are working, bosses cannot only legally spy on company-related emails, internet browser history; they can also log keystrokes to check the productivity and what employees are typing on private services such as emails and social messaging apps and track GPS location of the employees.

According to the survey of American Management Association

However, the employees are in a workplace are the only ones who are being tracked by their bosses. Furthermore, even at Amazon’s warehouses, employees used to carry tablets, pads and others gadgets to measure their speed and efficiency as they retrieve merchandise for shoppers, the nursing staff in hospitals carries badges to monitor how many times they wash their hands.

“Privacy in present time’s workplace,” said Ellen Bayer of the American Management Association, is largely illusory.”

Bosses want to keep their eyes on employees

Bosses actually want to keep an eye on their employees all the time for so many odd reasons. A businessman named Henry Ford has kept a close eye on their employees with a stopwatch, to check the work time of the workers and to check the great efficiency showed by the employees within the working hours. He further has hired some people that were appointed to spy on their employee’s personal issues that don’t interfere with their work performance at the workplace.

the rising trend of spying on employee

Further, you may have seen a machine in the Macdonald’s to register cash; it is placed due to having the check on the seller that how well he sells the real deal to the customer. However, the machine is fully capable of scanning each grocery item at a supermarket.  These types of information really enable the management how hard a worker works and how much it is necessary for the business.


Bosses at the corporate sector

Furthermore, in the business firms where workforce uses a company’s owned cell phones, computer machines, and other devices in order to know each and every single activity happen within the working hours. Because employers want that from their employees to do productive and efficient work within the working hours rather than just wasting time on the machines and gadgets. Employers usually spy on calls, emails, and instant messengers such as Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Line, vine, and tinder, screen activities of cell phones, tablets, pads and computer machines within the working hours.

Does Spying Really work?

The stats show that in five chains restaurant discovers that surveillance on the systems has seen 22% drops in theft on average. It has boosted up the 7% of the revenue. UPS has fixed 200 sensors that track everything from the trucks such as tracking GPS location, route of the trucks; time is taken to the target point and how many times a truck has got breaks. It empowers the company to get to know each and every single activity of the company’s owned vehicles and come to know how many delivers are possible in given time of period. At the end of the day, a company has got 1.4 million additional packages and with 1000 fewer drivers. One of UPS driver had their views that the placement of sensors makes the drivers intimidated and they worked faster than ever.

How is Employee Monitoring Possible?

Obviously, the modern technology software and apps are enabling a user to monitor something they are looking for. Usually, spying has done on cell phones, tablets, pads and on computer machines. There are major reasons for monitoring these kinds of gadgets and devices. Because most of the employees use the company’s owned devices. They track activities on the computer machines such as windows spy and MAC monitoring and further employer use gadgets such as Android monitoring app and iOS within the offices. At a workplace, the number of employees watching adult material, emails that contain swear words are flagged sent to compliance officers, and misuse of the internet, according to the American Management Association.

No matter what type of stuff you are trying to monitor of your employees at workplace within the working hours, you need to have employee monitoring software that works with the time stamp, accuracy, and efficiency and have the user-friendly interface, Karen Joseph CEO of TheOneSpy cell phone & computer monitoring software.

TheOneSpy Employee surveillance app:  Stealth tool for tracking employees

Having said that, for boosting up the productivity, efficiency and activities of the employees, monitoring is the on
ly method of development of the business. You may be have used plenty of monitoring tools such as to spy on cell phones, computers, location tracking, calls recording and others. But TheOneSpy is the complete package that not allows a user to use dozens of employee monitoring apps in order to enhance the business to the fullest. Cell phone and computer tracking spyware enable an employer to track all the activities happen on the computers, gadgets and the GPS location of the company’s owned vehicles driven by the employees to the fullest.

What TheOneSpy is capable of!

A user can record and listen to the calls on the company’s owned cell phones, tablets and Pads with Android, iOS, and blackberries OS. Further, you can monitor computers desktops and laptops issues to the employees running with MAC and Windows.

You can use hidden call recorder to record and listen to the calls from the clients on company’s issues gadgets to the employees. Anyhow, you can track the emails sent or received on computer machines with the help of screenshots of the MAC spy software. A user can block all the time wasting websites on the windows computer devices with the help of website blocking. A user can set alarms on the activities that or against the workplace environment by using the mighty alarms of the windows tracking spyware. Further, you can track the GPS location of the cell phone of your employee appointed on supply by using the company’s vehicle.

It enables employers to track the current and exact location of the target phone, location history and can mark safe and restricted areas.  A user can catch workplace bullies by tracking the social messaging apps by using the IM’s social media of the target person. A user can view text messages, chat conversations and shared media. Moreover, you can do the screen recording of MAC laptop by hacking the front camera of the device and make back to back short videos of the screen.

However, a user can use GEO-location on the lost or Theft Company-owned devices that will create an end to end threads and guide a user to track the GEO location if the target device. A user can use MAC keylogger and get to know the logs of keystrokes such as password, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. A user can also create data backup of the entire device that contains confidential data. In case of theft or loss, you can remotely wipe out all the data stored in the devices of MAC and Windows computers and cell phones as well. Further, a user can retrieve the complete data by getting access to a TheOneSpy online control panel.


Spying on employees at a workplace may be the trend these days, but in my opinion, it is the protection to run the business safely and to discipline the employees to work honestly within the working hours

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