The Ghost of SnapChat – Invasive or not?


Once upon a time, poor parents of children around the world had to put up with Facebook. Not only they had to learn the ways that Facebook works in order to keep their little ones safe, but they also had to ensure that they had to do so while doing a full-time job along with taking care of their kids. While it was quite a feat in itself to do all of the above at the same time, it was a feat as well when parents had to understand the workings of Twitter, followed by Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Skype and Viber along with many other social media platform that has become staple applications for every smartphone user.

While it was easy to comprehend the workings of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the same cannot be validly said for SnapChat. According to its creators, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, SnapChat started off as their Stanford class project by the name of “Picaboo”, with the idea that users would use short-lived images as the source of communication. While initially the project was not given positive reviews, it was launched and upon its success relaunched as “SnapChat”.

Snapchat is basically used to create short, multimedia messages that are called “Snaps”. These snaps can be anything, a photo or a simple short video, either of which can be edited to include things like filters and effects as well as text captions and drawings. The users can even add these effects in real-time, courtesy of the face detection feature. While all of that is well and good for the app’s teenager user who has loads of time on their hand to use this feature to communicate with their friends instead of simply texting them, the same cannot be said for parents monitoring them

Understanding SnapChat is hard work. It becomes even harder to tackle when things like worry and responsibilities come into the mix. Therefore, in worrisome times as this one, only parental monitoring apps like TheOneSpy can help parents keep an eye on their child’s activities with:

Social Media Monitoring

With TheOneSpy app, parents can easily browse through the various social media accounts their child has made, their online activities as well as the people they are friends with. Not only are they able to keep an eye on their child’s activities but also control them to some extent due since TOS application provide parents with real-time notification of the various activities of the user of the target device.

Unadulterated Access to Applications

TOS cell phone monitoring apps allow you complete access to the target device i.e. your child’s smartphone. With such an access in your hands, you are authorized to look through your child’s smartphone at your free will and see what apps your child has been installing on it. Not only can you see what apps are being installed but you can also access them and uninstall them if you deem them unfit for your child you use. You can essentially do the same with SnapChat if you see something you don’t like.

Look through Browsing History

While you may be smart, kids can be smarter and sneakier at times. When you restrict their access to applications that curb their addiction to social media, they turn towards internet search engines. To make sure your children are secure through that portal as well, you can easily look through their internet browsing history and block websites that you deem unfit.

Block Unsavory Portals

Do you see your child communicating with people that may have a very bad influence on them? No problem. Simply get rid of such people and allow your child to keep in touch with their peers safely with you keeping an eye on them, as much as you can.

The Bottom Line

We live in a big, bad world that ha temptation lurking around every single corner. In times like this, the ghostly apparition of SnapChat might not be such a good thing in the favor of your children because not only is it an unsafe app, with parents unable to understand the meager working of it, it becomes all the more dangerous. Therefore taking aid, of spy and monitoring software in the matter like this isn’t spying or immoral behavior, but good parenting.

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