Clever Never Goes! Though Every Child Is Not Clever

clever never goes though every child is not clever

Over the years, parents and law enforcement have done dozens of things to update stranger danger messages. Schools also have taken part to create awareness among the general public. Clever Never Goes did work, but what about those children who are not clever at all. We think it is time to update the message “Clever Never Goes” The slogan was brilliant and productive back then when technology has not made its way to the next level.

The time has changed, and cell phones technology has brought stranger danger to digital devices. Your child could groom on social media, chat rooms, and plenty of other online platforms. Therefore, both “stranger dangers” and Clever Never Goes have become outdated.

So, say no to strangers, and Clever Never Goes cannot work anymore at the same pace these days. They have long been concern that stranger danger and being clever message might be almost not too strong any more.

What Is Clever Never Goes & Say No To Stranger Campaigns?

Clever Never Goes was previously safety program for kids from stranger danger. School administrations were use the message as part of their activities. The program has finally updated stranger danger. It did work a lot to keep children safe from abusers, kidnappers, and from grooming.

Clever Goes Never is an activity that was easy to make kids understand not trusts any stranger, and don’t go with them at any cost. The program has taught previous generations that how to recognize when someone is asking to go with them.

There is also robot with number of features that helps children to learn about Clever Never Goes. It did improve the thinking of the children what is safe, and what is dangerous. It also teaches children what to do if they feel insecure.

“Stranger Danger” term came up in the early 1970s. The Central Office of Information U.K had released the term “Never Go with Strangers” Two years after the Office has released a film called “Say No to Strangers”

What Was Wrong With Stranger Danger & Now With Clever Never Goes?

Both messages are outdated following the solution we are looking at in the earlier of the current decade. Parents want to tackle two issues that are following.

Problem No.1: Parents want to Keep Children from Abduction, Abuse, Grooming, and Drug Abuse.

Hundreds of thousands of children got abducted every year, and most cases happen due to family abductions, non-family abductions, run away, killed, abused, and 4% of kids remain unrecovered. Parents have got scary feelings. No matter what their child has learned about Say No to Strangers or Clever Never Goes messages. Most kids got kidnapped forcefully, and what about kids who are innocent and not being clever.

Problem No.2: Parents also want to give Children Space to let them Open up their World a Bit.

There was a dawning realization that the child campaigns in the past like say no to strangers and Clever Never Goes aimed at the children almost hit them too hard to this message that every stranger is dangerous. 

Parents have got worries that these sorts of campaigns will harm children’s confidence in the social situation. The previous child safety campaigns have made children and teens fear life too much.

The most crucial thing parents want is to lower the threshold of concerns about strangers in their kid’s minds. Seemingly, it is ok to allow your child interactions with strangers in the surrounding neighborhoods if the circumstances are right.

Now a question arises, what about those strangers that can interact with the children online using social media platforms. Online strangers believe in bunny hunting. They spend hours and hours with the kids and pre-teens online, and parents remain helpless and unaware.

Cell Phones & Internet has Changed the Course of Stranger Danger

Say no to strangers, and Clever Goes Never” have become worthless.  Nowadays, parents have to teach dozens of things to kids for real-life activities and the digital world. On the other, predators have become advanced, and they are more likely to interact with the kids online using their fake names, photos, ages, and genders. They try to be friends with the kids, and finally, ask them to meet them in person.

In the end, the child becomes the victim of abduction, kidnapping, date rape, abuse, and grooming. Therefore, there is the right time to change the old–fashioned slogans for child safety like stranger danger, and Clever Never Goes. We have developed a new digital solution for those parents who know that their child is not clever.

Does Generation Z Believe In Clever Never Goes?

Generation Z has more freedom than Generation X. Generation z is more independent and not ready to act like baby boomers. Today teens love to explore the world and uses phones and the internet. They love to use phones, social media, chats rooms and spend time with strangers online.

Therefore, it has become necessary for parents not to rely on ‘say no to strangers’ and ‘Clever Never Goes’. You have to change the norms and introduce monitoring, tracking and spying technology to keep an eye on kids without them knowing to safeguard them.

Now technology has introduced such solutions for parents to keep an eye on kid’s location, mobile, and internet activities. So, the old-fashioned slogans, campaigns, and teaching plans are not enough unless you have an alternative in terms of technology. Technology has made its way to the next level. It is capable of telling you about the offline and online activities of a child. You can safeguard your kids better than ever before while in your office, home, and at the time and place of choosing.

Is There a Modern, Child–Friendly Alternative to Flawed Clever Never Goes Message?

Yes, no need to teach things to your kids more than they can digest. You can use a Mobile tracker on their phones. It is one of the best; child-friendly alternatives compare to the outdated ‘stranger Danger, and ‘Clever Never Goes’. Cell phone tracker empowers parents to keep an eye on kids virtually.

It enables parents to track the live location of kids, location history, and route maps when they are visiting dangerous places. Moreover, it monitors children’s digital space whenever they interact with strangers online and logs their communication like messages, chats, voice chats, and media sharing.

Mobile tracker app monitors browsing history of kid’s phones and let parents what websites they visit and bookmark. The manual efforts like ‘Clever Never Goes’ are helpful, but the phone tracker does not depend on the child’s cleverness. It secretly tracks and monitors kids online and offline, and even you can listen to the kid’s surroundings to take an instant action to rescue your child.

Rather than fearing kids from every stranger and make their minds get away from everyone, mobile tracking solutions build your child’s confidence and let them explore the world. It is not necessary anymore to make your kids recognize certain dangerous situations that are unsafe. Parents themselves need to make sure what is happening with the child online and in real –life 24/7.

We aim to create awareness among parents that old-fashioned parenting school of thought is not enough for the kid’s safety. They have to adopt the use of the technology alongside manual efforts. You can apply Clever Never Goes lessons, but Phone tracker technology reduces the chance of strangers getting their hands on the children for sexual abuse, non-parental abductions, blind dates, hookups, and drug abuse.

Why Mobile Tracker App Outdated Clever Never Goes in the 21st Century?

Mobile tracking app is a piece of software that monitors cell phone devices provided to your kids. It is an independent tracking solution that you can configure on target phones and get frequent updates about your child. Parents can track location, online activities, and interactions and let you keep an eye on kids beyond school gates to playgrounds and from hidden whereabouts to dangerous surroundings where your child could meet with the predator.


Phone tracker technology is beneficial for both parents and generation z because parents can safeguard their kids and children can explore the world without having fear in the mind of stranger danger. However, parents can teach things like Clever Never Goes, but they cannot rely on it. Cell phone tracking has become an integral part of traditional parenting and digital parenting. Keep protecting your kids without shacking your kid’s confidence and let to experience the hardships of lives better than ever before.

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