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Website Blocking by Adding URL & Keywords

TheOneSpy authorize you to block web sites which user think are in appropriate on its target window device

You can Block all of those web sites which user think in appropriate for target device users and user doesn’t want to make functional on their target laptop/desktop windows devices. Furthermore, you can block particular websites using following methods. You can simply put the URLs into the windows website block app web control panel or you can put the keywords of the websites that you are looking forward to block on windows device.

  • Block Website by URL
  • Block Websites by key worlds

How Does Blocking feature works?

First of all install the computer monitoring application on your target window device, when it is been installed then you need to login on the TheOneSpy website. After login goes to the features of the computer monitoring app and make click on the blocking feature and make adjustments about which websites you want to block on your target window device.

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Benefits for parents

When parents realize that, some particular websites are inappropriate for their kids, they can easily restrict the functionality of websites on their target window device by just using the TheOneSpy blocking feature. Now parents can get to know all the browsing activities of kids and teens and further they will be able to block all the websites that are harmful for children in terms of adult content and many others alike.

Benefits for Individuals

Being an individual persona you can use website block app for windows and you can use it on someone else device if you own it. You can use it on school computer lab where kids are only allowed to access related to their studies but not entertaining ones for just wasting times within a lecture at computer lab. Simply you can block all the websites others then the course an institution has offered.

Benefits for Employers

As for as employers are concerned, also restrain their employees to visit those websites by using TOS blocking feature, from which they got entertained and lose their focus. In addition, employers can stop their employees for wasting times on social websites like YouTube, and social media websites for making communication within the working hours on company’s owned windows computer devices no matter what laptops or desktops devices.

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