spy on browsing history

Windows Browsing Activities

Monitor browsing history on target windows laptop desktop device with time stamp

Now you can get to know about the browsing activities on windows installed or default browsers remotely using windows browsing history tracking app. User can get to know about all the visited websites and bookmarking of websites. It empowers you to know what sort of websites target device user has visited on windows computer device. User can spy on following mentioned installed browsers history.

  • Chrome Browser History
  • Safari Browser History
  • Firefox Browser History
  • Internet Explorer Browser History

How Windows browsing history tracker software works?

After the installation of TheOneSpy windows tracking app you will have the access to dashboard. Now chose the browsing tracking tool.  It will provide you the complete time to time reporting of browsing activities of installed browsers in terms of visited websites and bookmarking.

How to install browsing history monitoring app on windows PC?

Apart from working of this feature you need to know how you can get it and how to set up TOS windows spying software on target device. Initially, get subscription and get started with installation and once you have done with it then you need to activate it on the target device. Physical access on target device is necessary otherwise remote installation is impossible. In addition, you can track browsing history if you have access to online control panel of TOS surveillance app then you will be able to use history tracking app for windows browsers . Now you just need to tap on it and you will get to know the browsing history with detail and alongside time schedule.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can perform digital parenting on kids and teens activities on windows laptop or desktop devices. Youngsters over the years has get involved in adult content by visiting websites, social media websites, online relationships and interaction with the strangers. Therefore, parents have to take care of their kids browsing activities history. So, parents can use windows monitoring app to get access to the browsing history to prevent kids from in appropriate activities.

Benefits for Individuals

You can use it on your personal windows or PC and in-case someone close to your heart or in relation asks you for the device then you can give it without hesitation. You can remotely get to know for what purpose target user is using your device because you can spy on all the browsing activities and other activities with complete time stamp using windows tracking app.

Benefits for Employers

Employers prefer to track their company’s owned windows laptops and desktop devices whatsoever and windows spy software is the best tool to do that job. It empowers employers to make check and balance on employee’s activities within the working hours. Now they can remotely get to know browsing activities of employees on windows computers with complete time stamp.

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