Window PC Usage Reports – Track PC Usage Remotely

Windows PC Usage Reports in One Place with TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring Software

Now get all the reports regarding activities on your target window device. TheOneSpy provide you detailed reports regarding each activity performed on your target window device. Reports feature is the detailed sheets of every single activity functionalize having with the total website time, total activity time and total idle time on your target window device. You will be able to get reports on following mention things along with the custom date range, All users, All computers, All activities, Expert and print.

  • Top websites
  • Top Categories
  • Emails
  • Activity log
  • Alarm log
  • Productivity

How does Reports Feature work?

 Initially, you need to perform the installation of the computer monitoring application on your target window laptop/computer device. Once the installation process is finished, you need to login on TheOneSpy website. After login, visit the features and make click on reports features and finally, you will have a detailed report sheet of each category of activities.

How Reports Feature helps you?

Now, nothing can be hidden having TheOneSpy computer monitoring application on your target window device. Parents and employers enable to get detailed reports regarding all the activities perform by their kids and parents on their target window device with the complete time schedule.

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