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Viber Call Recording App - Most Advance Non-Rooted Spying Software

TheOneSpy is going to make your dreams come true by introducing Viber call recording Feature

Cell phone monitoring app is the only application worldwide that has launched IM’s call recording app feature. Other than TOS there is no single software is available on the web yet that empowers the user to record social messaging apps calls remotely, but TheOneSpy has come with the biggest breakthrough of all time in the history of the business. Now, users can get access to target android device installed social networking app and record Voice conversations by using advance Viber VOIP calls recording software.

Viber Call Recording App to Record Voice Calls on Android without Rooting

Record and Listen the VIber VOIP Calls on any Android Mobile without Root.

It is more than just a messaging service; you can use this particular social messaging app for free and secure messages and audio and video voice calls. Moreover, you can do group chats, Instant audio and video messages, and last but not least use expressing stickers while having conversations. All the activities on Viber can be monitored with cell phone surveillance software but in past times none of it able to record Voice conversations at all. However, TheOneSpy has come up with the arguably best IM’s call recording app that you can use it on the target Android devices without rooting.

It empowers the user to record incoming and outgoing VoIP calls of the instant messaging app. TOS has developed impossible this time and has proved that it is the best cellphone tracking software for android over the last decade.

How to Record Viber Voice Calls on Non-Rooted Android Phone?

You can record every voice chat on your target cellphone installed the instant messaging app, but you have to get access to the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you have reached on the webpage then you need to get the license alongside the credentials via email. In addition to that, you need to get access to android device and start the installation process. After you have ended up with the installation process then you need to activate it on the targeted device. Cellphone monitoring software for android will remain hidden on the target device even on the latest OS version 10. Use the password and ID and get access to the web portal where you can get your hand on features like IM’s VOIP call recorder software.

  • Get access to TheOneSpy webpage
  • Subscribe for mobile surveillance app for android
  • Activate the online dashboard
  • Use Features to track Viber Voice chat

Note: Viber call recording software is compatible with the all Android device up to version 10.

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Who wants to Record IM’s VOIP Calls Recording on Android?

From the corporate sector to the government sector and many individuals worldwide are looking forward to listening to the Voice calls on Android installed Viber social networking app. The activity was impossible to perform and none of the mobile tracking software was able to record the VOIP conversations inbound and outbound on social networking platforms.

However, TOS finally has made a discovery and introduced IM’s calls recording for Viber that empowers you to listen to the live VOIP conversations on the instant messaging app running on Android devices without root. Moreover, there are following mentioned communities, organizations, and individuals who want to record social media VoIP calls.


Parents have lost their cool over the years and most of them make arguments with the children obsessed with Viber social networking app. Therefore, flame minded teens always lurk towards texting, chats, group chats, Voice calls, and last but not the least audio messages. All these activities are leading teens towards online predators, online hookups, and plenty of other inappropriate activities on the instant messaging app. So, parents have no option but to use cellphone tracking software to track their activities, but VOIP chats always a challenge for them. However, TheOneSpy has made it possible for you to record live voice calls on social media app using Viber call recording software.


There are plenty of instant messengers including Viber that business organizations using for communication with each other and to share documents and for many other activities. However, business connected mobile and tablets are being used for personal activities in working hours. So, the lack of productivity, stealing of intellectual property and time-wasting activities on instant messaging app leads a business form towards losses. Therefore, employers can use IM’s VoIP call recorder to record incoming and outgoing calls on the social media platform to know to whom employees are making calls and other activities in working hours.


There are plenty of individuals out there who want to get access to the android cellphone without rooting. Moreover, they want to get access to chat, messages, voice and video calls, and many other activities. All of the activities happen you can monitor without having any issue, but when it comes to VOIP calls it was impossible to record audio chat. However, TOS has discovered and developed Viber messenger voice calls recording app to record and listen to the audio conversations to the fullest.

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