Online Predators Using Video Games & Chats as Hunting Grounds

online predators

Cybercriminals are everywhere on the web these days. Do you know? They are making online connections with young underage teens, and they use video games, social networks, secret chat rooms, and other online chatting platforms no time ever before. Young teens love to play video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and others on their digital devices, and they are too violent. Moreover, they also play videos games that allow chatting while playing. So, there are more likely to interact with sexual predators that could harm them in any way possible. Online predators stalk teens, and video games, chat rooms, and social networks have become their hunting grounds.

The Web is Full of Child Sexual Abuse! What’s Wrong?

The internet is full of sexual images of young children. Parents are not aware fact how they could chase down their kids even they don’t leave their kids alone.

  • There is a reason that is increasingly taking part to put their safety at risk. Predators secretly engage young kids without their knowledge.
  • Online predators can create and share explicit material about kids using technology like phones, PCs, internet, and social media and law enforcement is helpless unless parents cooperate with them.

The stats are terrible because young kids are more likely to become victims of sexual abuse online. Sex–offenders can produce photos, videos of child sexual abuse by manipulating their obsessions with cell phones, PCs, the internet, video games, and social media networks. Tech companies worldwide have reportedly stated that more than 45 million explicit photos and videos of young teens have been abused in the last year.

Horrible Stats that Parents Need to Know about Child Abuse

  • In 1998, more than 3000 incidents took place about child abuse imagery
  • A decade later, incidents increased to 10,000
  • In 2014, the number had surpassed 1 million
  • In 2021 more than 18.4 million explicit photos and videos of teens became viral
  • In 2022, companies say more than 45 million videos and photos of child sexual abuse appeared on the web

According to Prosecutions, Courts Record, Law Enforcement Reports:

Reports of child abuse, child grooming, and blackmailing are rising with a high ratio worldwide. Perpetrators on the web are continuously grooming thousands of young victims using video games, multiplayer video games, chat rooms, social networking apps, and other online platforms. A review of prosecution, court records, law enforcement reports alarms parents to take care of the children and keep a hidden eye on their teens when alone in their homes.

Two decades ago, child sexual abuse was an issue 10 years ago, an epidemic, and today the crisis is at a breaking point. Sexual predators have virtual connections with kids according to the New York Times report.

How Do Predators Make Virtual Connections Right In Victims’ Homes?

Here are the following ways that enable online predators to make virtual connections with young children right in their victim’s home:

Discord Platform Where Gamers Chat While Playing

discord platform where gamers chat while playing

Discord is online places where you can talk belong to a school club, gaming community, and art communities. Most parents have watched young tweens and teens on discord platforms where they play video games and live chats while playing. Moreover, mothers have discussed their fear of watching imagery of sexual activities posted by others on discord groups. So, online predators targeting teens online use video games alongside chatting facilities.

Multiplayer Video Game & Chat Apps

multiplayer video game chat apps

Sex offenders have taken another step of using multiplayer video games and chat apps to target youngsters online. Cyber-criminals like stalkers, child abusers, and others. They could strike up a conversation to win the trust of young children. They are more likely to pretend to kids and tell false stories of their hardships to engage them in long conversations. Predators have a hidden agenda to ask them for sexual photos and videos to blackmail them in the end to get more and more violent content.

Social Apps Best-Hunting Grounds for Sexual Predators

online predators using social apps

Apart from video games and multiplayer video games, social media networks like Instagram, Kik messenger, skype, TikTok, Snapchat, and others are best to find many victims in a little piece of time. So, young kids are more likely to get trapped online and make virtual connections because cell phones, PCs, and computers are in their access.

The internet connection, a cell phone, and a PC are enough to put your child’s safety at risk. Online predators would easily make a virtual connection and play with your child in your presence but without your knowledge. Social messaging apps have features to communicate with anyone online, and kids can talk via chats, messages, voice and video calls. Therefore, social media platforms are the best hunting ground for sexual predators.

Video Gaming Trauma Overwhelming

online predators

In the U.S States, video gaming is considered a sport, and elite gamers get scholarships from schools and colleges. The industry is profiting more than $43 billion from the cost of young teenagers. The video gaming trauma is overwhelming. Do you know why? An F.B.I report stated that sextortion, blackmailing, and child grooming are at a massive level due to video gaming. Victims are more likely to attempt suicide after becoming the victims. The Justice Department report says sextortion and child abuse online has become a significant threat to kids’ safety. In the United States, more than 97% of the kids play video games, and 83% of girls play multiplayer games.

Protect Kids from Digital Hunting Grounds with Parental Control App?

Parents have no choice but to know how online predators access their homes and engage with their young children. Moreover, parents are more likely to set parental controls on kids’ digital devices to perform parental monitoring of their online activities.

Use Cell Phone & Computer Monitoring Software for Kid’s Safety:

TheOneSpy is one of the best parental monitoring solutions. You can safeguard kids from sextortion, child sexual abuse. Parents can prevent children from making virtual connections with strangers online. You can monitor chats while playing video games, social networks, and chat rooms. The TheOneSpy parental spy app can monitor PCs and phones to safeguard your children using the following features.

Website Blocking:

TheOneSpy empowers parents to use website blocking and web-filtering features for cell phone and computer monitoring. It empowers you to block online websites of multi-player videos games to prevent kids’ interaction with strangers through gaming chat rooms. Users can put the URLs of the online gaming website to dashboard filters.

On-Demand Screenshots

Parents can activate the screenshots tool, and the on-demand screenshots feature on target mobile and PCs to capture several screenshots. Users can watch the captured screenshots to see every activity of the teens on the target device screen.


TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for parental monitoring that empowers you to block every app on the target device. Users can block gaming apps, social networks, chat rooms, and dating apps to decrease their screen time. Parents can block every explicit and dangerous app from 1 hour to 12 hours on the target device.

Screen Recording

Users can record screens in real-time on phones, PCs, and computer devices using parental spy software. TheOneSpy has three monitoring products that offer android spy, windows spy, and computer monitoring solutions to record live screens. Users can record a series of live videos of the target device screen and send them to the dashboard. Users can download videos to see activities.

Keystrokes Logging

TheOneSpy keystrokes logger monitor android, PCs, and Mac computer devices. You can use a keystrokes logger to capture chat keystrokes on social networks and hidden chat rooms to safeguard them from online traps.

GPS Location Tracking

You can protect your child from in-person meetings after a virtual connection with strangers.

IM’s Monitoring

TheOneSpy offer several social media spying and monitoring tools that are as follows:

  • Facebook spy app
  • Spy on Tinder
  • Kik messenger spy
  • Instagram monitoring
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Snapchat spy app
  • Discord spy app

You can use social media monitoring tools to catch and monitor teens’ explicit chats, photos, and video sharing with strangers. Parents can stop teens from sharing inappropriate imagery with anyone to prevent child sexual abuse.


TheOneSpy is the best app that offers parental controls for kids’ online safety. Parents can protect kids from becoming victims of sexual predators’ hunting grounds. Moreover, you can save the chats, virtual connections, and shared explicit content of the children to online predators using the TheOneSpy dashboard. Don’t let any stranger access the realm of PCs, phones, and computers to hunt teens.

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