Why They Call It Bunny Hunting?

Why they call it bunny hunting

Every second-day, parents warn teens against ruining their lives on the web, using phones, PCs, tablets connected to the internet. Teens are becoming drug abusers, getting involved in inappropriate activities, and doing potentially risk-taking activities online. Warning signs are clear for teens who receive messages, photos, sext, and videos from strangers for having attention. Online predators, especially child abusers have given a name to this technique “They call it bunny hunting,”

Parents may have never heard before about bunny hunting. Online predators used to call their search for unsuspecting victims young teens and pre-teens online. It is terrifying for parents these days that sex–offenders are targeting their kids and teens online. Parents should provide online safety to teens but protect them at the same time.

According to the WCNC Correspondent: Bunny Hunting

One of the parents said to the WCNC correspondent that we have heard about the attacks on the news, a local girl raped at a hotel after she met her accused attacker online. Further, cyber predators are attacking younger kids and teens online. Parents had a view that it is a daily battle. Most of the time, it is a conversation topic allowing your kid’s digital privacy, but we have to protect them at the same time.

One of the mothers has given a sot to the news reporter that she regularly warns and guides their kids about the following things:

  • Don’t tell your name
  • Don’t tell anyone your age online
  • Don’t discuss about your school name
  • Don’t tell anything about you

She further says we do a lot of talks that don’t share your personal information to anyone online whether you are using social media apps. Online predators are huge problem a father of three teens added that. He has a watchful eye over his children no time ever before.  The news channel correspondent asked a question to a father of three teens!

Father said that I am very concerned that there are a lot of dangers. The news correspondent further highlighted the issue that bunny hunting has become an issue and is so widespread. According to the National Center for Missing Exploited Children has got parent’s attention.

A mother said that the term “bunny hunting” itself sickens me because hunting children online is terrifying and disturbing.

The American Department of Justice Made an Announcement

The American department of justice statistics about sextortion paints a grim picture of reality. 1 in 25 teens and pre-teens receive a sexual solicitation, and the solicitor tries to trap the potential victim to make offline contact.

Parents should become a protective shield to protect their teens and pre-teens. A mother said, answering teen do to a predator online your teens are more likely to become a victim in real –life.

Here some ways that you can adopt to protect your children from bunny hunting, WCNC news correspondent suggested that:

  • Try to block adult content using TheOneSpy parental control on your all devices
  • Think about setting a screen Free zone in your house
  • Limit screen-time of your kids
  • Monitor cellphone browsing history
  • Don’t give your young teens and kids internet access in their rooms and don’t allow using computers, cellphones, and tablet devices in their rooms.

What Is TheOneSpy & How It Helps Parents Against Online Predators?

It is a cellphone parental control application and equally suitable for setting parental controls on PCs and computer devices. Parents can install it on teens and pre-teens secretly to protect their privacy online. Further, activate it on the target device and activate its parental spy features. The application supports the latest cellphone and PC version and remains hidden and undetectable on the target device. Users can use its online dashboard and track every activity of teens they perform on phones and computing devices connected to cyberspace.

Top 10 Benefits of Parental Control Software for Teen’s Online Safety:

Get rid of bunny hunters no time ever before; take a look at the parental tracking spy app benefits that every worried parent needs to know

  • It enables parents to read text messages & chat conversation secretly
  • Spy on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and dating apps
  • Record live screen-time of kids and parents can watch teen’s activities on cellphone
  • Parents can monitor browser activity to know visited websites & bookmarks
  • Parents can listen to live cellphone calls and surroundings by controlling the microphone
  • You can block incoming calls, messages & internet access at any point in time
  • Track your kid’s GPS location if they try to meet a person who they met online
  • It is easy to use & pocket-friendly parental control app to protect teens from sextortion
  • Capture screenshots remotely without the teen knowing
  • Record password keystrokes, messenger, and messages keystrokes

Kids May Be Are Tech Savvy But Are Not People Savvy

It is a logical argument that parents should understand that their kids may be is tech savvy but not people savvy for sure. There are bad people out there that do believe in sextortion and love to do bunny hunting with your teens online. Tell your teens that you may use the digital world properly, and you are savvy to use it without supervision, but you don’t know about the people out there.

Guide your child that sextortion is one of the growing threats for teens, and no matter how much they are tech–savvy but don’t have a clue about the person talking to them online.

Discuss with your kids about the public service announcement that warns teens about sharing privacy.  The PSA has clearly warned teens about the dangers of sharing private moment’s online using cellphones and PC cam The Washington post published that alongside the video message given below.

Online Spaces Where Kids Become Bunny Hunting Victims

Plenty of online spaces allow teens to log in and share everything about themselves. Date rape due to online dating apps is happening one after the other. Young teens are obsessed with online spaces like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Teens are sharing names, school names, and contact numbers and leaving profiles without using privacy. Besides sexual solicitation, teens are stripping online in front of cell phones and PC cams using live streaming applications. Moreover, sexual hookup with online people using online dating applications like Tinder and Bumble has become a norm. It means that social media, messaging, live video streaming, and online dating apps make teens vulnerable to bunny hunting.

According to the Pew Research center

The following stats are scary for parents. First, understand how it has become easy for the sexual solicitor to visit any chat room on social media, dating, and online streaming apps to talk with teens online.

  • More than 70% of teens constantly remain online on social media
  • 52% of teens are using Facebook on their cellphones
  • 62% of teens are using Instagram and share photos and videos
  • 32% of teens watch adult content on their cellphone browsers
  • 70% of teens are obsessed with Snapchat for sharing media

Are Cellphones & Internet Responsible For Bunny Hunting

More than 90% of teens have cellphones these days and 75% have internet access. We all know that internet has become a wild west for teens and anything could pop–up on kid’s phone screen related to sexual activity and they could become addicted to the content. Cellphones and cyberspace undoubtedly responsible for teens online hunting and online predators have an easy access to any young girl or boy no time ever before.

How Online Predators Do Bunny Hunting?

 Following are the steps that stalkers, sex offenders, child abusers, and sexual predators in a technique of bunny hunting.

  • They visit random chat rooms to find teens
  • Trace out teens on social media, messaging apps & online streaming apps
  • Randomly sent sexual messages, videos, and hi messages to teens online
  • If teens do responds they show their interest concerning their profile photos
  • Discuss their face beauty or a profile and do buttering a lot
  • Slow and steady ask for friendship with young teens
  • Try to sexually groom young teens online by using sexual erotic conversation or by sharing adult media
  • Having positive feedback from teens they ask for their nudes photos, and videos as proof they are interested too
  • Blackmail teens for a lucrative reason and give threats to share their photos and videos publically
  • Ask teens to meet them in person in his place or at their hidden whereabouts
  • Sexually harass teens once they have fulfilled their sexual motives
  • Online date rape is massive among the young victim

All these steps collectively generate a term or technique which they have given the name and they call it “bunny hunting”.


Sexual solicitation or sextortion with teens is the bitter truth. Parents should understand that how much online privacy of teens has become necessary. Parents should take all the digital devices of teens under their supervision and allow teens to use cyberspace unless they have used parental control on teens’ digital devices.

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