Android Spy Apps Common Problems Users Could Face

Android spy Apps Common problems users could face

Android spy apps are in demand these days, and people love to use them for several reasons. Users are crystal clear about their requirements before getting their hands on the spy apps. However, sometimes well-known and highly suggested spy programs make you face technical issues. Users can face problems like incompatibility, installation, and performance issues in well-decorated features. Today, we bring your attention to the error-free and problem-free android spying software, but before getting into it, you need to know about the common problems you could face at any point in time.

Types of Problems in Typical Android Monitoring Apps

In this post, we will help people to know technical and non-technical issues that one can come across. Users can face problems while using spy apps for android for parental controls and monitoring business devices connected to cyberspace. Bringing up the issues perhaps aids you to use the spying software on any android phone and prevent fake and fraudulent monitoring and tracking apps for cellphones. Here are the types of problems one can face that are as follows:

1) Problems At Users’ End

There are several monitoring apps for cell phones available. You may get your hands on fancy marketing deals. They certainly charge one way or the other, like stealing your intellectual property and offering you nothing but scams. So, always go for the legitimate solutions and paid ones to get your hands on the best services to get better spying and monitoring results on target phones. Spy apps offer free features, trails, and free subscription plans.

  • Subscription plans are more likely not compatible with the target device
  • Spy apps offer different programming for target android phones, and iPhones
  • Users don’t bother to see features before they buy a subscription plan
  • Advance features are always available in premium plans, but buyers could subscribe to basic plans
  • Clients get a basic spy apps plan but expect to have advanced features

2) Default Issues in Android Spy Solutions

Default issues might occur in top-level android spy apps. Most of the time, users could exaggerate tiny problems with the customer support center. Phone spy service providers could have server down issues due to the incompetency of any of their team members who cannot provide you the logs of GPS location, text messages, email spying, and many more. So, most clients start complaining in a pinch with the service provider. So, users should have patience before they conclude about the performance of any top-level android monitoring software. We are not portraying that glitch-free cell phone apps are not available on the web, but you can get your hands on the TheOneSpy application to spy on android phones without facing hassles.

3) Issues Due Spy Apps Default Settings

Users often face problems while using spy apps on another android phone due to the unstable internet connection. Here are the issues users could face while using phone spy apps on target phones.

  • Browsing history logs remain in the air. Your child can use sneaky browsers not compatible with android spy default browsers or lack with stable internet connection.
  • Email logs could stay up in the air due to an unstable internet connection. However, users may look for Gmail logs, but default browsers of a spy app do not support it. You can use TheOneSpy to monitor Gmail and get instant results to spy emails on Gmail.
  • Most cell phone spy applications do not support all social networking and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, discord, WickerMe, Line, Viber, and IMO. So, you have to make sure that you should have TheOneSpy at your disposal to spy on IM’s messages, chats, VoIP calls, and media.

Spy apps users could wonder and doubt how are things not working? We are used to flawless technology, but top-level spy applications for cellphones manage giant data servers that can lack for time-being at any point in time, CEO of TheOneSpy said.

Things to Know Before Subscribing Android Spy Software

Here are the following key-points you need to keep in your mind before choosing a cell phone tracker app:

Stable Internet Connection:

You should know that the target cellphone device has a stable internet connection before subscribing and installing a cell phone monitoring app on the target device.  The internet connection should support Wi-Fi, mobile data, and other internet connection.

Activated GPS:

Do you want to track another phone’s GPS location? The target device must have an active GPS to get location history, route maps, and Geo-fencing.

Root Android & Jailbreak iPhone:

Most android spy apps and iPhone monitoring solutions require rooted, and jail broken iOS devices to spy on the activities. So, you may need to root and jailbreak iPhones to use advance features on the target device.

Aware of OS of Target Device:

The usage of spy apps is unique for different operating systems of the phones. So, you need to know about the OS of the target device before you subscribe to a phone monitoring software.

Hidden & Undetectable Spy App for Android

You can choose the spy solution for android that can monitor and track other phones and remains hidden and undetectable. Best spying apps are the ones that easily hide app icons on the target phones and leave no evidence of monitoring.

Is There An Error-Free Spy App for Android to Spy On Cellphones

Yes. There is an app that is complete spy software for android phones that provide you user-friendly interface, hidden, undetectable, compatible with all OS versions, and does not have default issues. However, errors and problems at user’s end may occur, but you can get valuable info from TheOneSpy customer support center:

Here Are Following Things That Makes TheOneSpy Error Free

TheOneSpy android spy is the only spy service provider that is complete monitoring software for cellphones.

Free From Issue: Installation & Configuration Issues

Android surveillance software is easy to install and takes 3 minutes to install and complete the configuration process unless you have physical access to the target device. So, you can spy on any android phone without facing installation issues.

Free From The Complaint: Unable Users To Listen To Recorded Calls

It is one of the few cell phone spying solutions for android phones that render powerful features to record live incoming and outgoing calls at the time and space of your choosing. A call recorder is the best to listen to the phone calls in real-time and send the data to the dashboard. Users will enjoy live call recording via an online dashboard.

Free From Error: Reports & Logs Are Not Coming Into The Dashboard

Our android monitoring solution is error-free from uploading text messages logs, Voice call logs, email monitoring, browsing history, GPS location, and IM logs. Users can download our TOSDesk app from the Google Play store to prevent back and forth login and log-out issues.

Free From User Complaint: The Application Site Is Down

The TheOneSpy team is dedicated and always prefers to maintain its no.1 position. It is free from complaints like the application site is down, and users cannot spy on android phones. The company always informs in time to its users when our team of employees working on the maintenance

No Complaint About: Unable To Record Surroundings

Live surround listening is one of the best android spy solutions that provide you the live listening of the surroundings by taking over the target device’s microphone. Users can connect the microphone with the dashboard to listen to the live surroundings.

Zero Complaints: Target Device Cameras Do Not Provide Live Streaming

The live camera streaming feature is one of the giants of TheOneSpy. It is one of the features that work 100%. Users can see the live surroundings of the target device with an audio facility. If one of the cameras is in use switch the cameras from front to rear to watch the surroundings.

No Issue With The Basic Features of The Android Tracking App

You can spy on browsing history on another phone, track GPS location, spy on IM logs, record keystrokes, view installed apps, and limit screen time. Users can also block live incoming calls and messages, filter websites, chase passwords, and remotely lock-unlock devices without any problem.

No Problem Occurs With Android Compatibility

Our android spy software is compatible with all android phones running from OS version 5.5.0 to 12.0. It does not require rooting but works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.


Are you the one who is facing missing phone call records, messages logs, IM chat logs, and not getting the target phone GPS location? Well! Make sure that your service provider’s servers are not down, but in the end, you think you are wasting your time and money. You can get your hands on TheOneSpy android spy to prevent all problems.

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