Can Live Spy 360 See Everything On Your Cell Phone?

live spy 360

Live Spy 360 is one of the best features of a spy app for cellphones and tablets for family safety and business productivity.  As a live spying solution for phones, Live spy360 consists of various tools that control other phone cameras, microphones, and cell phone screens in real-time. It is just a feature of a spying application that makes you see everything on the phone screen and in the surroundings with a combination of audio and video. Spy application strictly follows the anti-intrusion protocols.

Lets’ take you through the spying abilities, what the app can do, and how it is best to spy on a cell phone to the fullest.

What Can You Do With Live Spy360 On Another Phone?

Live Spy 360 is one of the powerful features of the TheOneSpy app for android. Users can spy on their loved ones, employees, and minors obsessed with cellphones without rooting and jailbreak. It is one of the few apps that protect your family and business to the next level.

You can get all-in-one features, but you should subscribe for a premium license to have peace of mind.  The basic function of the live spy 360 tool is to monitor and control the entire cell phone remotely. Users can listen to and watch their surroundings in real-time. Moreover, you can share another phone screen on your web control panel and watch every possible activity performed on the target cellphone.

Here are attributes of TheOneSpy live spy 360 feature that makes another cell phone a complete spying gizmo.

Top-Of-The-Line Usages & Features Of Live Spy 360

Spy app for cell phones has come up with its exclusive feature that enables users to spy on target phones in real-time using their cameras, microphones, and cell phone screens. Here are usages that make it the best in the business.

Live Spy 360 To Read Text Messages Remotely

Text messaging is one of the best services for cell phone devices. Everyone loves to read text messages and chats conversations on another phone. Do you know? You can remotely spy on text messages on someone’s cell phone screen.

You can bring a spy app at your disposal that enables users to share the screen in real-time and connects the screen to its web control panel. You can opt for TheOneSpy offers a feature known as live spy360. It will share the target phone screen to your dashboard, and you would be able to watch live text messages sent and received on another phone screen without them knowing.

Live Spy 360 To Spy On Social Networking Apps

Social media networks are popular these days, and you can see them on any cell phone device, you name it. Instant messaging apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Line, Viber, and others are popular instant messengers that enable users to send and receive text messages.

Moreover, you can share photos, videos, icons, emoticons, and Gifs. Social media apps empower users to make voice and video calls.

People like parents and employers are desperate to spy on social messaging apps no time ever before to monitor activity logs. You can use the live spy360 feature of the TheOneSpy application. It enables users to share the screen of the target phone running with the instant messaging apps.

So, you can watch live activities on popular social messaging apps, like text messages, chats, voice messages, self-deleted messages, and VoIP calls in real-time.

Live Spy 360 Enables Live Surround Listening On Target Phone

Do you ever want to be a spy on the wall? No! Well! You can become a spy on the wall and listen through the walls unless you have live surround listening at your disposal.

Users can use a spy app feature that works 360 degrees around the target cell phone. You can take over the target phone microphone and connects it with the web control panel.

It would enable users to listen through the walls using the target phone microphone in real-time. Live surround listening is one of the features of the spy app for android that empowers you to listen to target phone surroundings via the web control panel. Users can remotely control their cell phones and listen to their surroundings.

Live Spy 360 To Share The Target Phone Screen In Real-Time

Do you want to see the target phone screen like you are using on your mobile phone?  You may wish to have spy software that unveils everything on another phone screen in real-time.

We are here to tell you that you are lucky because you have landed on our blog.

  • You can share the target phone screen on your cell phone unless you have installed the best spy app for android.
  • You can access the features and activate the sub-feature of live 360.

It enables users to share the target phone screen to your online dashboard, and you can watch every activity performed on the target cell phone device to the fullest.

Live Spy 360 To Monitor Call Logs On Android Phone

If you have ever needed to view call logs on another android phone, you may find several apps floating on the web.  Why don’t you opt for spy software for a cell phone that empowers you to monitor target phone activities with a single monitoring tool?

  • You may find it ridiculous, but you can do it with the spy 360 feature of cell phone monitoring software.
  • It enables users to mirror and stream target phone screens to the web portal you can access with credentials and watch incoming and outgoing call logs with the schedule.
  • Users can watch live incoming and outgoing calls, contact numbers, and exact times.

Live Spy 360 To View VoIP Calls On Messaging Apps

Spy apps on the web do offer VoIP call monitoring solutions that claim to monitor and track Voice and video calls on social networking platforms. The live screen sharing feature empowers you to share the live screen of your target phone to your dashboard.

You can access the TheOneSpy dashboard and watch live VoIP calls on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Viber, and many more. Users can also activate the live surround listening feature, at the same time listening to the one-sided Voice chats on the social networks. However, live screen sharing only provides the VoIP call activity on another phone.

Live Spy360 To See Live Browsing History & Bookmarks

Parents have reservations over kids browsing activities. They can access adult websites and bookmark X-rated webpages on their cell phone installed browsers. Business professionals face low productivity because employees waste time on YouTube, gaming websites, and online shopping sites.

You can safeguard your kids from accessing explicit content and your employees from time-wasting by sharing their screens to the web portal of the spy app. You can watch websites, bookmark pages, and time-wasting activities on a cell phone or tablet browser by sharing a live screen using cell phone monitoring software.

Note: You can also filter websites and limit the screen-time of your kids and workforce by using other features of the Android spy solution on your kids and business devices.

Live Spy360 To Monitor Passwords On Someone’s Phone

Do you want to see passwords on the cell phone screen, social messaging apps, and others? You can broadcast the screen of the target phone remotely. You can use cell phone spy software on your target phone to activate the screen sharing tool and connect it with the online dashboard. You can access the dashboard and watch what passwords your kids and employees have applied on the phone screen, social media apps, and others.

Note: You can use the password chaser feature to the lock-unlock device and use the keystrokes logging tool to capture and record keystrokes on the target phone to unveil every password on the phone to the fullest.

Live Spy 360 To Spy On Emails, Contact & Multimedia On Target Phone

With the spy 360 feature of the TheOneSpy application, you can spy on emails, contacts, photos, and videos in the phone’s gallery. You need to activate the feature that lets you share the screen of your target cell phone device to the web control panel. You can access the dashboard to connect the phone screen to view sent and received emails, and store photos, videos, and contacts in the contact book. However, you would be able to see all of these unless target phone users get access to them.

Stream Live Front & Back Camera To View Surroundings

You can spy live on the target phone surroundings by taking over the front and rare camera of the target cell phone device using the spy app web portal. You can activate the live camera streaming tool to view live surroundings with the audio. So, you can watch and listen to the surroundings. You can switch to the front camera with audio and turn on the back camera of the target phone with audio to see the surroundings in real-time.

What Makes Live Screen Sharing & Live Camera Streaming So Effective?

TheOneSpy has dozens of features, like screenshots, screen recording, location tracking, keystrokes logging, screen-time, and many more. However, live spy360 is a feature that is ultimate and effective for spying on cell phone devices.

Consume Less Battery

We all know that whenever users use the phone camera it will consume the target phone battery quickly. However, the TheOneSpy feature will not consume the battery of the mobile that heats the target cell phone device.

Not Affect The Phone’s Memory

It will not affect the memory of the target device. Because live streaming of the surroundings with audio and live screen-sharing will not occupy the memory of the target device. Live to stream and live screen sharing data will go to TheOneSpy dashboard and does not burden the target android phone.

Easy-To-Use Feature

It is easy to activate the feature, and you need to access the online dashboard to activate the live spy 360 tools to perform live camera streaming, live surround listening, and share the live screen of your target device within no time. Users can view and listen to real-time activities happening on the phone screen and in the surroundings.

All-In-One Features Tool

You can see how it has become an all-in-one feature application. It enables users to read messages, chats, voice chats, VoIP calls, browsing history, emails, contacts, multimedia, and social media monitoring. However, you can also use other features of the hidden and undetectable spy app –TheOneSpy set parental controls and protect business data.


TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that work remotely on the target phone after one-time access to install it successfully. You can spy on any cellphone device using its all-in-one feature, Live Spy 360 you can see (via live target screen) and listen everything on your target phone and in surroundings. Beside this, you can use dozens of other features to keep tabs on cell phone with 100% accuracy – guaranteed. Users can monitor their target phone in real-time to protect their kids and enhance their business safety.

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