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Why TheOneSpy Viber Spy App for Android?

Each day, new and innovative apps are pouring in, striving to improve quality and performance. When it comes to audio and video quality, many people have switched to Viber. Viber affords a greater degree of privacy and safety than other social media such as Facebook and Skype. Where this may give the target an edge on security, it may pose a thicker barrier for penetration, for instance if you are looking for a crack in the wall to get into Viber chats and audio-video conversations. But TheOneSpy viber spy app for Android liquefies the barriers, giving you a smooth yet invisible entry into your target’s Viber world:

record viber VoiP calls on cellpone instaleld social messaging app with TheOneSpy non-rooted spy software

Viber Voip call recorder software enables users to get access to the non-rooted android phone installed and active with the viber social messaging app. Furthermore, it empowers you to record one-sided Voice calls of IM’s remotely from the target device.

Users can record and listen to the voice calls and voice messages of social media app and only One-sided voice call recording is possible.  IM’s voice call recorder works only on the latest OS version 10 and latest phones. You can listen to and record live video calls and save the data of voice calls on the TOS web. There is no need to put your device at risk by rooting.

With TheOneSpy Spy Software for Viber, you can:

  • Have a look at the Viber contact list and watch out for any recent additions or deletions.
  • Track Viber chats and reads complete conversations.
  • View date and time logs for each chat.
  • Record Viber video call with details of the day and time at which each took place.
  • Read off call and IMs logs, directly from your online control panel.

How TheOneSpy Spy on Viber Messages?

You want to monitor Viber chat on the target cell phone device remotely due to variety of reasons such as for parental control, employees tracking and as loved ones and your personal older chats. You need to install phone spy app on the target person device unless he/she is your child, you own the device, and to get consent. Now, ended up with the process of installation then get access to the Toss App web control panel and chose Viber surveillance app and activate it. Now you can get to know all the activities happen on the targeted device installed social media app like Viber with complete time stamp. You can get access to every single chat and conversations, media file shared or received to the fullest. User can execute all the spying activities on Viber remotely once you have downloaded the monitoring software for viber on target mobile phone.

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Benefits for parents

You might be a curious parent who wants to spy on Viber messages find out if his/her child is using their freedom ethically and responsibly. With Viber spy software you may want to know what kind of people they make friends with and what content they share from their personal lives. As a parent it’s your right to check upon them openly and demand a list of their social media credentials, but the odds are that your child may switch to some other domain when they know they are being watched; some other medium you may not know of especially if he/she plans to do something wrong., if you want to judge them impartially and monitoring Viber messenger to come out in a true light, its better you do it silently and discreetly.

Benefits for Individuals

If you suspect that your spouse is being secretive about his contacts and whereabouts, its time you raid upon his IMs chats and conversations. Well obviously, without letting he/she know! No matter how much they want to hide, their lives will completely unfold before your eyes when you enter their world of Instant Messaging. Instead of breaching your loved one privacy, simply sit with him/her and make some basic rules to use Viber trackinp software on each other cell phone with mutual consent rather than to put blames on each other. Because most of the time things happen in such a way that you think is suspicious but it does not in reality.

Benefits for Employers

Likewise, if you want to monitor IM activity of your employees on Viber, you couldn’t go about doing it individually and especially from one service to another. TheOneSpy Viber spy gives you a rounded solution to your spying needs. Now, you can simply log on to your user control panel and scroll through complete IMs details including Viber logs of your employees under one roof.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?