Do Messaging Apps Fit For Corporate Communication?

do messaging apps fit for corporate communication

Messaging apps have raised a discussion do messaging apps fir for the workplace or corporate communication. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and many others alike have become trendy at the workplace for communication purposes.

The instant messaging apps with the self-disappearing content feature are useful for regular and sensitive communication on business-owned devices. However, messenger apps are prone to create issues for those companies that share sensitive information with the employees during and after working hours. Companies that have log communications and that maintain records are suffering from several issues due to messenger apps.

Employees using private messengers, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Skype, Line, and others are useful. Apart from personal communication, the usage of these messengers is too risky for business communication. It could bring privacy issues, and data retention, and leakage of intellectual property of any business. Therefore, employers need to know about the risks involved in monitoring employee’s communication on Ephemeral messaging applications?

Why Messaging Apps Are Risky For Business Communication?

Young employees are more likely to use messenger apps during working hours on business devices connected to cyberspace. They are more comfortable communicating with colleagues using instant messenger chat apps rather than using email. Instant messaging on business devices enables employees to use short sentences and emojis, gifs, and voice calls. Email unable employees to use these kinds of expressive features. Employees have turned corporate communication on instant messengers, and it is the most informal and familiar way to stay in contact with other employees at the workplace.

Young employees feel comfortable messaging compare to sending emails on business devices at the workplace. Even the company executive’s love to text to the senior executive team on messages chat apps, Jules Polonetsky, chief executive of the Future Privacy Forum Washington D.C, said that in an interview with Wall Street Journal.

The young employees are dependent on contemporary technology rather than using old-fashioned emails. The disappearing messaging applications provide the corporate sector a normal mode of communication, and it helps out modern-day employees to use them during working hours on business phones and tablets. Other than young employees, the executives are used to messaging privately for urgent meetings and tasks. However, the use of private chat apps at the workplace has consequences.

Top 7 Risks Of Employees Disappearing Messaging Applications That Employers Need To Know

There are following risks your employers can pose to your business by using messenger chat apps during working hours on business owned cellphones, and tablet devices.

  • No Data Control

One of the issues associated with ephemeral messaging is no data control. If instant messaging apps enable employers to interact with clients, but employers have no control over the data. They don’t know what things employees have shared with the clients using instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and many more.

  • No Data Trial For Employers

The private chat messenger’s leaves no data trial for employers after employees ended up with business-related communication with clients and having with one and another. Therefore, instant messengers are risky for workplace communication.

  • No Records Of Corporate Communication On Messaging Applications

Employees are sharing the secrecy of your business on messaging chat apps, it is impossible to monitor conversations. Rouge employees can remove the chat and get the conspiracy against your business done.  Communication will get lost, and employers got nothing on the communication channels.

  • No Communication History

Employers unable the communication history of the employers to look back over to know what they are was talking about on the Ephemeral chat apps. Employers would not take any legal action against the data breaches and other illegal activities of employees.

  • Employers Cannot Take Legal Action

Because of self–disappearing Features of private communication channels, employers would enable to take action against the culprits. Due to lack of evidence, an employer cannot prove someone’s guilt in the court of law that one of your employees has violated the company’s privacy.

  • Stealing Of Intellectual Property

Talking about the private messaging service means that you are putting your business intellectual property in the hands of hackers, data breaches, and rouge employees. Your cellphone device could hack at any point in time, and you could lose your business secrecy.

  • Scams And Malware

Cell phone devices have doubled the risks of online attacks. Mobil devices are a soft target for hackers, and they can steal your data on your cellphone that your employees used to share on WhatsApp, Skype, and other instant messengers. So, informal communication channels are risky for business communication.

How Can Business Communication On Messengers Chat Apps Be Controlled & Monitored?

Before going into the discussion how to control and monitor business communication on instant messenger following are the tips that you can follow to get rid of business privacy concerns.

  • Experts say that you should not allow your employees to use skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram for text messages, chat conversations, voice calls, and media sharing. However, you will lose the advantages of these private chat networks. So, it is better to monitor and track messenger apps.
  • Use monitoring app for employees and keep an eye on every activity they do on the instant messengers running on business-owned devices.

Employers should introduce clear and thoughtful roles around their devices, software, messenger chat apps, and they should announce how employers are spying on business equipment. Jacqueline Cooney, senior director of privacy & cyber-security in Washington, D.C said that.

  • Employers can create business policies on the usage of chat apps. Moreover, you can separate private communication channels from communication during working hours. Make sure for what purposes employees are using free messenger chat applications.
  • Employ spy apps on your business cellphones and tablet devices to monitor and track workplace communication that holds the record of communication and provide you real–time reports of messages, chat, voice call logs, and media sharing.
  • Employers need to make sure that their workforce is highly professionals and well-trained. They should know about the limitations of the instant messaging application for business communication, MR Polonetsky further added in an interview to WSJ.

Use TheOneSpy To Make Messaging Apps To Fit Into Workplace For Ever

It is an application that can control and monitor chat applications for business usage. The spy app is for cellphones and tablet devices active with the chat networks, like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Line, Viber, and dozens of others.

How Can It Make Messenger Applications Fit Into Workplace Communication?

TheOneSpy cell phone spy software has dozens of features that can spy and track business communication to the fullest on instant messaging applications. Let’s discuss all the features that you can use to spy on trendy messenger chat apps.

IM’s chat spy

You can use cell phone spy app to monitor IM’s chat logs. You can read messages, multimedia, chat conversations, voice messages, and voice and video call logs with the schedule. Employers not only can track chat applications but also save data of business communication to the dashboard.


You can monitor and control corporate communication on social networks and make it fit for the workplace by capturing live screenshots of the business device screen and send to the dashboard. Employers can watch what employees are doing on messengers, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Skype, and many more.

Screen Recorder

It is the most advanced spying tool of cell phone tracking software. It enables employers to make short videos of the business phone screen active with the messenger’s chat by using on demand screen recording feature and send data to the control panel. Employers can see the live activities of employees and read business communication on private chat channels.

Messaging App VoIP call recording

The application has a non-rooted messaging app chat spy and provides you real–time VoIP call recording of the following messenger apps. Employers can listen to the corporate Voice calls on trendy chat networks secretly.

  • WhatsApp Call Recording
  • Facebook Call Recorder
  • Telegram VoIP Recording
  • Live Voice Call Recorder

Keystrokes Logging

Business professionals monitor and capture keystrokes used on social messaging apps. You can get messages, chat, messenger, and password keystrokes in real-time and control the corporate communication at any point in time.

How TheOneSpy Works On Business Devices To Spy On Ephemeral Messaging?

Every business firm these days is suffering from data breaches and leakage of intellectual property. Rather than banning your employees from instant messengers on business devices, you can use spying software to control and monitor business phones to the fullest. Let’s discuss how spy app works to track private messaging apps.

Step1: Subscribe To Cell Phone Tracker

You can go through cell phone tracking software and get a subscription. You will have TheOneSpy credentials via email.

Step2: Get Your Business Device Into Your Hands

Take the target cellphone or tablet device into your hands and start the installation process. Now activate the mobile spy on the target device.

Step4: Activate Web Portal & Activate Messengers Chat Spy Features

You can get access to the web control panel using credentials. Further, gets access to the messenger spying apps. You can activate all of the features to make your messaging application fit for workplace devices.


Business professionals can strike a balance between secure business communications on instant messengers alongside employee’s privacy rights. Now you can keep an eye on your employee’s communication on popular messaging applications without violating the Freedom of information act.

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