Why Employee Monitoring App is Necessary in 2020?

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Over the years, the security risks have gone mainstreaming of business enterprises. Employers these days used to of thinking about external threats, and they did not realize the internal security or threats of the business. It’s been reportedly stated that employees have leaked confidential information; inappropriate web browsing and also waste time within the working hours on business-owned smartphones & PCs. No matter how strong security you have put on your devices, but having internal threats everything is worthless unless employee monitoring software comes in.

Additionally, you have to inform your staff what is acceptable and what is intolerable and write it in your business policy. Before the staff joins your company they should hand over all the rules and regulations about the company. Furthermore, guide your workers regarding the policies that have been made to prevent misuse of the devices, fishy activities and alarm them that they are under constant surveillance in terms of employee tracking software. That’s why the spying app is necessary for the workforce.

10 Threats Your Company could Face in 2020

  1. Accidental Data Breaches

Seemingly act of data breaching usually performed by the talented and sophisticated hackers who find out all the vulnerabilities associated with business online and get the information without someone knowing. However, data breaching incidents happen accidentally and according to a study 40% of the small business enterprises executives and owners have accidentally done things that become the factor of data breaching.  Things happen because human error is always there and anyone can do a blunder likewise an Australian businessman has sent an email to the public loaded with the confidential information.

  1. Data Stealing at workplace

Great businessmen do believe that their workers are assets, particularly to the ones who do their best to grow the business. On the other side, a worker sometime becomes the biggest liability for the business. Additionally, incidents do take place where staff caught red-handedly stealing the business intellectual property of the business. So, data theft does happen in large and small-scale businesses where bosses have to suffer from heavy losses. Reports say a former employee of the business organization successfully steals the data of the 3 million clients of the company and it was the huge setback for the company in history.

  1. Phishing & Scams

According to the Microsoft statistics, the phishing scams have been increasing up t0 250% this year because the techniques of black hat hacking have become very superiors compare to the past. The phishing and scams are difficult to detect these days. The email scams are very powerful even a single click by the worker of a business enterprise becomes a life lesson for the owners.

  1. Ransom ware attacks for data breaching

Hackers especially black hat ones are those who can make money by selling the breached data. They always have contacts and sales opportunities. Therefore, the need for employee surveillance software has become necessary for business owners. On the other hand, online stealers have found a new of making money and they don’t sell the data to third parties but ask for ransom from the victim. The ransom ware attacks have been increased to 500% over the years. Companies, agencies, and government organizations have to face these sorts of attacks online.

  1. Workers Bribery

Workforce can grow a company from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Once the greed of a company rises they do plenty of things with the business organizations. They can simply steal the data, decrease productivity, error-filled work, and goldbricking activities and also can waste time within the working hours without their employer’s knowledge. Therefore, employers should look after their employees, committed and dedicated unless time will come where they will no longer care about. You may find someone else, but not that commitment, loyalty, and dedication. However, employers can get involve in Bribery and leak the company’s information to the third party.

  1. Everyone has access to the data

When employees have access to the company’s owned data employers need to know the arrangement to prevent the misuse of the data. However, companies do provide most of the employee’s complete access to the data all the time. Therefore, there will be a greater number of opportunities can emerge as data breaching.

  1. The workforce needs more money

The data breaching and other fishy activities done by the employees happen they need more money and according to a study, 45% of the staff lurk towards the data. So, the data selling to the third party would be there tangible and obvious motivation. On the other hand, most of the companies do need such kind of data. Furthermore, the study has found that almost 15% of UK employees sell information with a few hundred dollars.

  1. Bored Employers

The version’s Data Breach Investigation reports has stated that almost 24% of the breaches happen in business organizations due to the presence of the fun element in staff at the workplace. So, bored workers are highly responsible for the breach of online security and privacy-related issues. So, employees, who are lazy and bored, need to be monitored within the working hours.

  1. Simple or Weak Passwords

A stud that was founded by Google, almost 1.5% of all passwords used on cyberspace are vulnerable that ultimately contributes to cyber-attacks, according to the previously stolen information that damages a company’s intellectual property.

It is interesting to know that workers are lazy enough to use strong passwords unless executives order to do so. Therefore, weak or redundant passwords are vulnerable to expose the confidential information of a business organization especially when it comes to usage of credentials on laptop and desktop computer devices.

  1. Disgruntled Founders

Most of the companies provide unprecedented privileges to the founders’ employees to the data of organizations. They are the company’s assets in the true sense but when it comes to leaving the company or forced out to do that they turned disgruntled and cause huge problems to the owner of the company by getting the important data having access to the confidential information.

Pros & Cons of Employee monitoring software

Everything has positive and negative side at the same time. Therefore, when it comes to doing surveillance on companies owned digital devices such as smartphones and computers running with different OS like Android, MAC and windows, using Employee tracking app we have to know about pros and cons.

Pros of Employee Monitoring in 2020:

Prevent time wasting activities

The eighty working hours are crucial for the employers but on the other hand, there are plenty of employees who waste two to three hours a day or more and still get paid. Therefore, employers have to stay update regarding their employee’s activities on the company’s owned device to know how much time they spend on their given or assigned tasks and how much time they are just waiting on the laptop desktop devices connected to the internet.

Errors start declining

When employers are enabling to know what their workforce is doing on the company’s digital devices they have the insight to point out whether they are doing mistakes by recording the live screen of Android phone, windows computer and MAC machines. You can easily come to know the particular employee is doing blunder or doing the least demanding work. Therefore, having such a hidden eye on your employees you can stop your employee any time to correct it by sending instant messages via email or social media platforms like Skype and others.

Keep you updated about employee’s insights

When employers monitor workers at the workplace, digital devices in particular then they got complete workforce insights in real-time because contemporary software for computer tracking apps is capable of. Employee theft would automatically eradicate, time-wasting would be wiped out and productivity will start increasing. Additionally, employers will get to know which employees are productive and which one is not.

Maximum security

Tracking employee’s emails, blocking inappropriate or time-wasting websites, filtering websites, live screen recording and surround recording of the company’s owned cell phone, laptop and desktop PCs will increase the security of your business. This is what you can do with the TheOneSpy employee monitoring software for the improvement and as well as for the protection of the business.

Prevent data breaches

TheOneSpy staffs monitoring software features are the best for the prevention of data breaching because it will provide you real-time reports of all the activities of workforce on the company’s digital computing & communication machines. You will get to know what they are doing on the screens, what they are talking about, and what sort of data they are accessing. For instance, someone secretly has got the data and you will get to know, later on, you can easily get all the data back instantly using the online control panel. It provides you data back–up facility. However, within the presence of monitoring software, it would be impossible for internal and external threats to enter your staff’s digital devices without your knowledge.

Cons of Employee Monitoring App in 2020

Negative Effect on employee’s morale

The workforce were kept in constant surveillance are in stress. Additionally, they feel in a hectic situation when got to know that their employers are watching every single activity happen on their official smartphone and PC. Employees won’t be able to do their tasks freely as they were used to doing. Ultimately, workers feel discomfort and being unfaithful to their employers all the time.

High turnover

According to the former HR Director of Kate Bishoff, tracking of staff all the time at the workplace causes low morale, high level of stress that leads to poor retention. Furthermore, employees have to run with high turnover and they will start taking too much time on their tiny tasks. Ultimately, employers will lose their previous efficiency.


As for as legitimacy of using employee monitoring apps are concerned, courts these days stand with the employers if they have already got the consent before the joining of the employees. However, overstepping of the boundaries also cause issues for employers as well as in terms of an illicit and intrusive piece of surveillance on employees personal digital devices after the working hours.

How to Choose Best Monitoring Software for Employees?

When it comes to choosing the best spying software to monitor workers you have to keep in mind plenty of things. Always go for the one packed with plenty of high–tech spying tools such as empowers you to monitor camera, record surround conversation, empowers you to web filtering and last but not the least to know about the browsing activities on smartphones, laptop and desktop devices running with Android, Mac and Windows. Furthermore, you will be able to track keystrokes applied on their digital devices, live screen recording, view installed applications, real-time reports of activities and plenty of others alike. If a surveillance software is filled up with these sorts of tools than you will be able to choose it otherwise you are wasting your time and money.


Simply install TheOneSpy to monitor your employee’s activities on the company’s owned devices to avoid time-wasting and data breaching, scams, phishing, and facilitate your business with data backup.

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