Should Our Kids Be Protected With Profanity Filters Only?

Should our kids be protected with profanity filters only (1)

Profane content is everywhere on the web. Profanity filters help young children to watch the content on their phones and other digital devices without interacting with harmful and explicit content. Profanity filters also empower users that don’t want to interact with the harassment and abusive content. The piece of technology is best for removing or filtering offensive language and words. The web is a wild beast, and you can deal with profane content in multiplayer gaming, social messaging apps, live streaming apps, and useful for online dating platforms. However, profanity filters are not perfect for perfect parental monitoring and kids’ online safety. It can help users, but they have limitations, and the internet is not a friendly place for underage teens.

Profanity Filter In A Nutshell

Profanity filters are the tools to shield your kids against profane content. Generally, piece of tech has algorithms to bypass, remove, and replace offensive words and violent scenes on Netflix.

Profanity filters have algorithms and have a list of bad words. Whenever offensive language occurs during a gaming chat, social messaging, chat rooms, dating apps, and intimate scenes come into a motion picture and in a mobile phone video, the algorithm would deal with it by replacing the offensive language and censoring intimate scenes.

It can also mute the offensive language in an audio chat. Many platforms offer built-in profanity filters, like chatting in popular games and social networks.

No one would like to see their kids use offensive or abusive language. When we tell children to finish their meals, we expect to hear OK or NO instead of “F**k No.”

Moreover, we don’t want our kids to become victims of cyberbullying, slut-shaming, and body shaming. So, parents want to filter the profane content that can be offensive language, explicit videos, photos, browsing activity, sexting, and online hookups in dating apps. However, profane content is massive on the web, and profanity filters have limitations that could not guarantee the online safety of the children from types of online bullying, different ways of kid’s sexting, browsing activities, and violence in online gaming.

Profanity Filter Limitations Cannot Complete The Necessity Of Kids’ Online Safety.

Seemingly, profanity filters provide benefits, but the internet has parental challenges one after the other. So, the limitations of profanity software cannot complete the necessity of dealing with the online threats your teens can face at any point in time.

Profanity filters are limited to censoring abusive language, intimacy, and other things in chat rooms, games, social networks, and online dating platforms.

Cyberbullying has types, and online predators have multiple ways to bully your kids using their subtle statements that profane filters cannot recognize. So, the content moderation tools are helpless to perform parental control activity in any way possible, except few.

The profane filter cannot deal with online harassment, sextortion, and subtle sexting. Users can only deal with the hardcore or typical form of online harassment, cyberbullying, and other explicit activities. The best part of profanity filters is streaming because it has no limitations. You can use the software to censor offensive scenes and intimacy for minors and underage teens.

Therefore, we can say that profanity filter software cannot serve as a guardian of your kids or a parental control solution. So, you have to bring a high-tech tool that works to profane the content and also keep an eye on every activity of your kids online using their phones and computer devices.

Do you want to get their hands on the features more than profanity filters, you should have the best parental control app at your disposal. You will get features like screen-time, block websites, IM monitoring, location tracking, remote lock unlock the phone, keystrokes logging, and dozens of others.

Are Parental Control Apps Best To Deal With Profane Content For Kids’ Online Safety?

With the bombardment of online chat rooms, multiplayer video games, messaging apps, dating apps, and porn, young teens are likely to see profanity. So, using parental monitoring apps has become necessary, and filtering a few things with profanity filters is not enough.

Many apps, platforms, and digital devices do offer built-in parental controls. For example, Netflix, YouTube, and a few social messaging and dating apps have parental restrictions, but profanity is at a massive level at no time ever.

Windows devices offer parental controls but only allow creating a separate profile or accounting for children. Android phones have built-in parental features but can only filter little things for child safety.

iPhones also have parental monitoring options, but they cannot deal with online harassment and content moderation rather than deal with monitoring capabilities. So, the profane filters and built-in parenting options in digital devices only lemmatize the amount of content your child can access, but parents want full-time monitoring software.

So, parental monitoring solutions have become necessary to protect kids from sexting, cyberbullying, self-obscenity, adult content, and violent games.

A lighter degree of censorship cannot fulfill the parental control necessities. For example, parents have to bring parental control apps for social networks, live broadcasting apps, dating apps, browsers, and digital devices, like android, iPhone, windows, and computer devices.

You should have a kind of parental spy software compatible with cell phone operating systems and computer devices. Though it is difficult to find out an all-in-one parental solution for cellphone and PCs, we are here to help you:

Which Is The Best Parental Control Software?

Forget about the profanity filters to deal with the profane content and explicit activities. TheOneSpy is one of the few apps that empower parents to set parental monitoring on kids’ cellphones and computer devices. It has all the features that you can expect in profanity filters, as well as in parental spy software. The parental control app has more than 250+ features that enable users to monitor and track live activities on a cell phone and in their surroundings. It is easy to install and remains hidden on your targeted devices.

Top 20 Features Of TheOneSpy Parental Spy Software

  1. Limit screen-time on kid’s cell phones from 1 hour to 14 hours
  2. Block applications to limit the screen time of your children on cellphones
  3. Filter websites using the filters and URLs of the inappropriate websites
  4. Record live screens on cell phones and computer devices to record live videos
  5. Record and capture live keystrokes of messages, chats, passwords, and emails
  6. Block incoming calls on your child’s cell phone device using the web control panel
  7. Block text messages of teens in social networks and on cellular networks
  8. Monitor browsing history on cell phone browsers and catch bookmarked websites
  9. Intercept the live phone calls on kids’ phones up to 5 contacts
  10. Offer a separate online dashboard to operate the best parental monitoring app
  11. Lock unlock the target android phone remotely via an online dashboard
  12. Track GPS location of the target cellphones in real-time
  13. Mark safe and restricted places for kids virtually on the Maps
  14. Receive email alerts through the dashboard whenever kids enter or leave the fence
  15. Filter the explicit and offensive language using the TheOneSpy dashboard
  16. Spy on text messages and chat conversations on cell phone networks
  17. Record live phone calls on another phone with a secret call recorder
  18. Monitor IM’s logs such as messages, chats, voice messages, and VoIP call logs
  19. Record one-sided VoIP calls on popular social messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Vine, discord, and without root.
  20. Record and listen to the phone surroundings in real-time with live surround listening, share live screen, and get live streaming of surroundings with audio video combination.

TheOneSpy is the best parental control software that prevents parents time-wasting on profanity filters. Where profanity filters a light degree of censorship against violence, X-rated content, cyberbullying, and online harassment only, TheOneSpy provides you complete parental control solution to safeguard your kids’ online and offline safety on cellphones and computers to the next level.

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