Monitor Employees Through an Employee Monitoring App


The monitoring of employees in the workplace has now become a very common practice. A majority of companies are now engaging in this practice to ensure that not only are their employees efficient but that they are also true to the company and engage in work related tasks when they are expected to. Computers and company provided devices such as smart phones are usually prone to employee monitoring through an employee monitoring app which allows the employer to know exactly what the workers are up to. Furthermore, employers get a chance to make sure through the use of the app that no abuse of devices is taking place and that no theft or conflict of interest is occurring. The employee monitoring software thus allows an employer to take the right kind of action before any major problem occurs.

Employers should not only be worried about the lack of productivity or conflict of interest which may be occurring but should also look into the social media aspect of it since almost everyone is nowadays active on social media and tend to use it to vent out their feelings. At times, an employee may even take out his anger related to the company over social media. Doing so can have damaging consequences for the company which is why the employee monitoring app can be used to ensure that no such issues arise.

The legal and proper ways through which employee monitoring can occur continue to change. Employees are now more aware of what their rights are and are thus not willing to accept being spied on which is why the best idea is to have a social media policy in place which could include the use of an employee monitoring app. Now, this is definitely different than spying because monitoring is done by allowing the employees to be aware that they are being monitored and so is the work they do. By doing so, the employee is aware and on board with the idea rather than feeling that the company doesn’t trust him and is thus spying because of it.

The employee should also feel secure and safe, knowing that their personal data isn’t going to be accessed and that the main purpose of monitoring is so that work related tasks can be monitored. Employee data monitoring should not be seen as a cause of conflict between the employer and the employees as this could lead to a hostile environment to occur within the workplace. Instead, the act should be one which is collaborative and which strengthens the company and the relationship between the employer and the employee.  Doing so would ultimately optimize the rights of the employees as well as the reputation of the company for being one which engages with their workers and which takes them into consideration in such matters rather than simply enforcing them without any consensus and cohesion. When such practices need to be enforced, they can only be successful if both parties work together.

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